Classic Car Week 2004.

Rättvik, Sweden

This proved to be a crowd pleaser, An early Volvo fire truck with kids playing traditional songs with violins, the kids of cuse dressed in traditional local clothing.
As last year the show was popular not only people, even the pets were watching this with great interest.

The vintage cars have been a part of the event, I guess this HD is the first vintage bike.

Rear look of a boulevard cruiser, a '58 Impala with Connie kit...

.. and a side view of the same car.

If the size does matter, a Caddie from the same year.

This Chevy tank rig from the early fifties is perhaps perhaps the most impressive restoration project I ever seen. It consists of the truck and the tanker trailer, that has been painstakingly restored int o something most impressive things I ever seen. the combo was used to transport fuel for airplanes for a smaller commercial airfield. The truck and tnker were in very bad condition and after years the rig was back in this spotless condition.

As usual it was nice to see the display of diecast model cars at this vendor.

A nice break from the Bel Airs from the classic Chevy era, are the more common plain vanilla cars like this .

Last shot of the Shelby, Next year, a clear three quarters picture?

A perfect cockpit of a car that is just right warm sunny nights. A '56 Chevy Bel Air.

Rear end view of the same cab.

More '56 Cevies, a Bel Air Coupe.

As the sun finally came down, there was still a lot of action at the gas stations.

OK it was a bit too dark, but a buddy with his 53 Chevy...

Now a rare bird, a Z28 was parked in the background.

One of the handsome car from the early postwar era is the Chevys Fleetsides. The sweeping roof line is just incredible

A prowling Camaro in black with a hood...

One of the absolute nicest cars I have seen a '58 Chevy Del Ray coupe from Borlänge. hopefully I get a chanche to take few pics of this stunning car this the fall.

The customed Merc seen earlier, in the very last rays of light.

A side view of a Imperial against the lights from the gas station and fast food stand.

As the closing picture the cruising went on through the brisksummer night.

I shot this at the Saturday before the actual cruising in the following tuesday. A classic view of a pale light blue '58 Impala at the gas pumps.

As allways, there is an end to every party and event and then it is time to go home. These images were taken in Mora and Orsa the following days.

As a final image, an MoPar a the gas station in Mora.
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