Classic Car Week 2004.

Rättvik, Sweden

There is nothing amaizing about this Opel Kadette Estate wagon, but it seem to have an impressive sounding sound system on board.
It is kind of funny how things change, only some five years ago you could see second generation Camaros and Firebirds like there were just about everywhere. Tonite this car actually the only Camaro I saw!

This is very cool, high tech treatment on nineties caprice estate wagon. Some of the incredible cars un Rättvik orgined from Norway.

This 57 four door Chevy also in the current trend, thogh taken another step further. Modern high tech in vintage skin, in this version slammed. It looks so good!

An early fifties Chrysler made car, in two tone blue and some nice pinstriping is a lovely combination of custom looks and nostalgia.

The NYPD patrol car doing some patroling, and as far I could peak in while it passed me, noone was eating donuts.

In Sweden there are not much of later model British made sport cars. Earlier there were a lot of MG.s and Triumphs roaming on the curving and twisting roads in the rural areas. I guess ths is actually the first TWR in Swedish plates I have ever seen.

A classic looking '68 GTO convertible in black.

As a contrast and for the purists, stock mid fifties Ford Fairlaine Crown Victoria.

This is probably closest looking resto rod I have seen this far.

Yeah, you know a Corvette fan like me like looking at its rear too.

This looks like a classic combination from the Sunset Boulevard way back, a pink '59 Caddie convertible with a blond driver...

... a favorite caddie is this I guess it is a 53 and I like the heavy loaded looks of its nose.

These guys with identical big orange hats made quite an impression.

Look at this Merc, this is far out with a lot of tasteful mods and incredble paint. This is probably most increbible Custom I ever seen.

A study at the rear end of the 1958 model Pontiac seen early.

For me unknown British made Tudor. At this era and even later some of the British made cars looked like a shrinked version of US made cars.

This '53 Chevy had a nice monocrome looks with scallops.

This is something very rare, even in the country of Volvos. This does look like a factory made PV 444 as a rag top, but is infact a car based on early Volvo Duett or wht it really was a PV 445 which was coverted from a delivery/ estate car in to this beautyful covertble during the fifties bay. The giveaway is the tank filler lid on the right side. The Duett looked a lot like a estate version of PV 444/544.s but unlike the PV.s their body rested on a separete frame.

If you loved the Merc, you love this '60 El Camino too, with allmost identical paint and just about equal number of modifications, a stunning looking result!

Back to Corvettes, they looks good in black 2!

Though the High Boy Deuce was yellow, that is not the case with the owner/driver. Fenderless cars are outlaws in Sweden.

The Yellow Deuce beware, A cars like this though with large "POLIS" written in the sides were common patrol cars before they were replaced by Volvos and SAABs as their offerings increased in size. During the sventies they were decked with blue flashing lights ande the search light was gone too.

Sorry for those bad conditions with the sundown, but this '46 Ford appears to be same as I took pics of in 2001.

Three magic letters from the sixties, GTO...

I don't know, but looking at this Caddie with a surf board, I get somewhat reminded by the song "Boys of the Summer" by Don Henley, though there is no mention of surf board in the song. Before this pic would make a invation of surfers to Lake Siljan area, there are no big waves at the shallow beaches of the lake.

One of the best things today compared to earlier years is the fact thet four door cars are now a days given same attention that was reserved for the rag tops and coupes.

Chevy Chevelle Convertible was a common car used as a step in th US car scens in Scandinavia. Now they have become a bit rare, and this one is looking good.

What a racing version of a Shelby GT? Look twice, Shelby stayed only on Fastbacks..

This is nice, a 1955 model of Chevy Delivery.

Same NYPD car saluting with flashing lights..

How about rare streetmachines like this 1969 Camaro Indy Pace car.

One of the absolutely finest rods and all cars was this early forties Chrysler. It was nice enough to take a few pics of.

More rods based on cars from forties? What about this nice Chevy..

Once again the flamed Caddie...
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