Classic Car Week 2004.

Rättvik, Sweden

This was very neat and very respectable way of mode of transportation, as you see it is a lovered monochrome 1955 model Chevy

This was very neat and very respectable way of mode of transportation, as you see it is a lovered monochrome 1955 model Chevy
As the weather was not as hot as in last year, there weren't that many cars suffering from the heat. But for this old Caddy it seemed to be hot enough to keep the lid open. Thanks the ZZ Top CadZZila, early Caddies from the fifties are increasing in popularity.

One of may favorite cars are trucks, and the king of the hill is this a Chevy SS 454, the last true muscle car ever built by GM? My first close look upon these beasts were when I was working on a cruise ferry on the Baltic Sea, as the ship had hired a team of divers to fix some minor problems on the hull. One of the guys owner of these and was showing off the power by doing burn outs on the car deck....

This young lady really displays that the cruise was open for all...

Ever wondered how "street machines" looked like in back in the nineteenth century? I guess pretty much like this.

One of my absloute favorite car model, an early seventies model'Vette as red rag top. Perhaps a perfect car for those hot summer nites. This one had stock a 454 to live up the things...

A mid fifties Chevy and GMC trucks has a classic looks, which combines the designs of that period and non nonsence work horse utility.

A look at the crowd along the streets to prove the fact this event is now really huge, there were thousends of people there.

'56 Chevy Bel Air 4 doorHT in nice condition is ALLWAYS worth shooting.

To see a Deuce High Boy in Swedenis rarre, as they are outlawed. Those who are willing to compromise adds small thin fenders to keep the Law & Order dep happy.

Unfortunallly not the most ultimate angle, and the low sun prevented from creativeness,this was my favorite bike. Yes, I could start howl after the owner to ask him to help me out but in the other hand, I guess he was having a bite at the restaurant anyway.

Folks, this is my favorite model of an Imperial, the sleak design does its magic on this car as it does not appear overwhelming like the later models.

How about this as a camper a former rolling post office bus from the or fourties. Thses busses were used for post office service in the most remote areas of the Swedish country side.

Whoever said that bad luck does not come alone?
This beast rumbled like a richter 7.1 earthquake while and the owner had a sticker on the rear bumber that translates to something close to this "Will keep the metal to the metal till it breaks down". and after an burnout it broke the waterhose and the leaking oil on the pavement ment more trouble than that. To make it worse, the show was seen byu a passing trooper and after a closer inspection that drew crowds to the scene the car was untxed and not allowed to roll on the streets at all. The officers noted that the power mill under the hod was not exactly stock and he was keeping a cellphone and a pen busy, like an author writing a novell. Anyway the pile of tickets were pretty impressive and the owner sure had a loooong road home.

Yes, there was a pink 59 model of a Caddie.

Chevy 2 door sedan with Bel Air treatment. Red hot & black is a very nice combination of color.

Another fifty niner caddie basking in the sun. The light was very sharp sunset compared to last years which was steaming gloogy tropical kind of sundown.

Another example of US influenced cars, this time a french built car by Simca. The model name is Vedette and the earlier models were pretty much a shrinked Merc. Evev the car was sold under Ford name aswell. These cars were perhaps the only french built Fords. This car is a Simca and were pretty common during the early sixties.

This MoPar was decked out in very tasty flame color and in all a very nicely done car.

A 55 Bel Air coupe in red is allways a car worth shooting. Pity that sharp light from the low angle sunset.

A full size from the fifties are impressive enough but not as impressive as the effort of restoration that are involved to make a car in to this condition.

The only Shoebox Ford around was this four door mild custom.

This was interesting a pre WW II Volvo truck looking better than new.

Not the greatest pic but the sun was pretty cruel. Anyway interesting combination of color California yellow & snow white. It works!

A Willys pick up in quarter scale useed as a mope I guess. The paint job was as impressive like the rest of it. Very nice flames by the way.

Pontiacs from the fifties are pretty uncommon, but here is a look how a '58 model did look like as a coupe.

There was alot of note worthy vehicles parked, and gave enough time to try to use more uncommon angles.

This '40 Phord Tudor in blue candy has been pictured before, but never the less worth taking more pics of.

German car builders adopted the HT concept on coupes. These cars DKW Donaus were common during the late fifties and early sixties. If you miss this car maker today, don't worry they are still around as part of Audi.

If you ask me what was the most nicely styled of GM offerings in generall, I would say Buick.

Best of the both worlds perhaps. American iron under a hood designed in Italy. This De Tomasso Pantera decked in yellow does draw attention.

A '34 Tudor looking just as mean and nice as it prowls around the streets.

The early Corvette was still seen cruising after sun down....

... while the 34 Tudor was parked close to the fast food stand.
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