X60 the next generation .

A look in to the future.

In Stockholm the bulk of mass transportation has been the once 100 strong fleet of two unit X1.s introduced during the late 1960.s. The units had its share of problems during the years and they were much modified to cope the hard service in commuter runs around Stockholm. The most supricing failure was the fact the trainsets had major problems with snow and cold weather, not uncommon in Scandinavia! The next generation was X10.s introduced in late 1980.s that shared the two unit design each with three large doors for loading on and off passangers as the its earlier cousins of X1.s. The X10.s was given slanted noses and throughly modified to severe winter conditions right from the start and unlike X1.s They also are used in Gothenbourg and Malmö area in sama kind of duty. The X10.s proved so succesful that the classes were modified to regional and inter regional service as well.

But 20 years have gone, Sweden does not have a domestic production of railroad equipment anymore and the X1.s need to be replaced as they are getting old. The SL (Storstockholms Lokaltrafik) the mass transportation authority in Larger Stockholm area filled the gaps with modified ex DB Br 420.s during the early 21. century, but these old units are not to be final solution of new equipment.

The third generation is under way, here caught in midlle of in Sweden most unusual and interesting trainset of one of the first articulated trainset in the middle and a mix of rebuilt former DR interregio cars now used as Regional express cars in Germany used as brake cars and pair of very weathered DB Bm 234 as buffer cars to the actual trainset. Note the new paint schem for regional trains in SJ service grey with blue trim that will be introduced with the two story X40.s and X60.s. The train was powered by a pair of SJ Rc 6.s #.s Rc6 1347 and 1385.

Here the both clean units are backing back to is trainset after a runaround move in Mora November the 6.th 2004.

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