Vossloh G6 in Mora 2009-06-29.

Is Green Cargo is looking for new switchers?

I guess it is either that Green Cargo is looking for options to replace the varions lighter switching units of the various V and Z-classes with newer power, or it is just a friendly demonstration of Vossloh to possible market. The fact is that Green Cargos fleet of diesels are not getting younger and most likely the existing units are not as enviremental friendly as the new units are supposed to be. But it was a bit of suprice to see this little train in Mora. Thr colorful small critter was coupled to a test car and allmost withdrawn coach for additional break and SJ RC3 1058 as a breaking power.

Start of productionfrom 2009
Axle arrangement C (0-6-0)
Diesel engineCummins, MTU, Caterpillar
Diesel engine outputapprox. 650 kW/1,800 min-1
Weight60 t to 67.5 t
Starting tractive effort( = 0,33) 194 kN to 219 kN
Max. speed35 km/h (optional up to 80 km/h)

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