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Jädraås Tallås Järnväg in 2000 - 2006.

58.58 minutes

Jädraås Tallås Järnväg is a allmost 6 kilometer narrow gauge (891 mm) long preserved railroad, which is part of the former 89 km logging line from the sawmill at Linghed to the port and paper mill of Norrsundet which ceased operation in 1970.

Filmed during 2000 -2006, edited and published in 2014.

NSB Di3 in 2000 and some NSB trains.

14.30 minutes

I shot this video of NSB Di3.629 in service on the scenic Rauma Line back in 2000, the very last year when the venerable NoHAB.s were still in service. The footage is mainly from Dombås and a few scenes from Verma and Åndalnes

Filmed in fall 2000, edited and published in 2014.
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