The Great Dane.

New power for Inland line?.

STT TMZ 1413

The Inland Line operator Inland Gods went out of business in summer of 2003 and the trust holder has been forced to lease new power. The IBAB own power consisted on four ex dane Nohab Mx units, numbered 1013-1016. The 1015 left the property before bankruptcy as it was sold to another Dalecarlian operator. Obviously, four old units were not enough power for the long line, and the operator leased power on demand in long and short time bases. During the winter of 2004, only one TMx was used on the line, the 1016. and rest of the power consisted on Tgoj Tmy.s, BV T43.s and this behemont.

The TMZ is a swedish term on Danes MZ. The engine is actually a second generation NoHab, and is more less a SD 40-2 in boxy body. The engine is the first ex DSB Mz in Sweden, which has become more and more a haven for various older units, like ex ÖBB 1043.s, Nohabs etc.

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