A test run of a new container car for Green Cargo..

A really odd train.

Once in while new equipment needs to be tested on actual conditions on track. As there are a lot of stakes on new equipment the tests are usually I supposed rigorious and takes time, a lot of pecial equipment, skill and time, This time the subject was a new type of a container car with what appeared to be a single axled trucks with shock absorbers. I guess this car which was a prototype might stand as model for the option to rebuild older cars to be able to run on higher speeds than today. It is not a secret that Green Gargo wants to operate some of their trains at passanger speed.

The train itself looked a bit odd, RC6 1406, in rather faded SJ blue, not though this train was testing a freight car, it was using a passanger engine, so my guess might be that far off after all. The orange painted test car did not look like it was constructed in Sweden, it did have some lines of Gruppe 36 or Schurtzenwagen look than the usual swedish designs. It was riding on Asea designed trucks ususally sitting undr the later Sj eighties generation cars. It was approved for maximum speed of 160 km/h and must be the only swedish car around which has a sort of observation platform at its rear end. If not that it must be one of the rarest around as it also did have a bay window... Looking at the lettering at its sill, there is no markings of who owns the car... The container car was loaded with a pair of 20 foot bulk head containers which were loaded with steel slaps as ballast. The last car is IBAB.s ex Halberstadt built lounge car, more oftenly used as dining car or lucnh counter car on Grandic Northern tourist trains.My guess is that as it is an off season, the car was rented to the test as extra breaking power and yes this car is also approved for 160 km/h.

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