IBAB T43 222.

Walk around pics for modellers.

Well time is catching up with these vetrans that are the first generation of road switchers in SJ. Swedes oddly enough did not go for the NoHaB bulldogs like DSB, NSB and MAV built in the country. Instead they did need a cab unit with lighter weight to be able to be used on the lighter rail branch lines. These units were the steam killers in Sweden, wearing a handsome red, white and blues livery, shared by Z65 class critters, they were eventually painted to match more modern T44.s that replaced the class on the production line.

In later years many units received saftty railings to the front and some even side railigs along the frame. Most units used today are repainted to new owners and the skirt along the sill has been removed.

This unit, that seem to have been withdrawn a longer period by its former unit has become property of IBAB, and seem to be used to add more muscle to gravel trains for MoW operator. The unit correspond greatly to the model Lima produced un number of years, only details that is different than this unit is that the model lacks the railings and the bandit lettering. Those plastic gallons? No I don't think that they consisted of moon shine....

A look of one of the ballast cars, used to haul gravel

The same unit a few days later in Sveg, this time coupled with long hood forward, providing the images of the long hood end. Date 6th of June 2005.

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