SJ T23 120.

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During the 1950.s SJ ordered 25 narrow gauge Tp-class 2-6-2 side rod diesels by MAk which ere delivered in 1953-1954. But the vast abandomenet of the 891 mm gauged lines in late 1950.s and early 1960.s lead that these fairly moderna diesels bacame surplus. After unsucceslful effort to sell these still fairly modern diesels failed SJ decided to reconstruct 15 of them into a 0-8-0 standard gauge engines in 1965-1966 period and the work was carried out by ASJ in Falun. The engines were classified as T23-class and carried the road numbers 113-127. After the engines were phased otu of service in end of the 1070.s and many of them were put in mothball as reserve power. But in 2002 these engines were sold off to preservation groups all over the country. This T23 120 is part of the collection of Orsa Järnvägsförening.

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