SKĊJ T21 103.

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In the early days of diesels in the 1950.s they were being reliable enough to be constructed in numbers to replace the steam. The first two of V1 on class from Brittish design were followed by German built V3 class. The both classes of 0-6-0 side rods were suitable for switching. The first larger class of diesels to road duties and switching were the T2 0-8-0 side rods, class which later were reclassified as T21 class, built in 1955-1959 in 52 copies by MAK which also bulit the V3.s for SJ and additionally 4 with a swedish made gear box which turned to be not succesful. The latter where built by ASJ in Falun.
The private road NBJ received 4 copies in 1963. All the classes and version were based on MaK.s orignal design and were close cousins to DB.s V64-class though SJ and NBJ versions had a more powerful power plant of 590 KW. The class was phased out of duty, which mainly were switching in later years in the 1980.s and the last one was out of SJ service in 1991. The illfated T22-class was out of service in 1970-s. Several units were sold off to privatre owners and few are preserved as this T21 103 seen here in Orsa in July 2008.

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