Summer of 2003

Steam special in Mora

During spring of 2003, the operator of the Inland Line, a local railroad club and the community announced to form a "steam train center" of Sweden. The timetable also mentioned that during 2003, there would be some activities during the first summer. So far nothing much if any is visible. But the first excursion with steam (A E2 909) with equipment from two railclubs. The consist as such is pretty much typical of steam excursions. The loco followed by a O-class condola with coal, a power car (an former RPO/Baggage combo modified in to a generator car for MoW service) a sleeper as staff dormitory car, restaurant or any kind of food service. and few passanger cars, of which one has a kiosk for selling club related items as books, pins and postcards and a headend car.

On this consist that sets it a bit of the standard is the former OKB restaurant car which was from the first series of steel bodyed passenger cars owned by any swedish railroad. The series included also a 2.nd/ class combo, which were rebuilt and were actually in service, though rebuilt to the mid 1980.s and a pair of 3.d class cars that was sidelined in the 1970.s. Heavily influenced by the German Hecht cars, they were easily spotted in any consist after OKB natinalization post WWII, even when the cars sported in their later days wore a standard SJ scheme.

The other cars were a RPO/baggage combo from the thirties, a sleeper from the early fifties, a B8 riveted side 3.rd class car, and as added interest, B12 which looks a lot like a B8, but had a open type of interiour for service for regional runs between Stockholm and Uppsala, and a FV 4-wheel baggage.

The old baggage car offers a stark contrast to modern equipment as the X53 3259 used for the regional connection to Borlänge.

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