Wasa skirun Specials during 2003.

The special in Mora 22/2 2003

Suddently the yard was crowded

During the Wasa Skirun week, the need to transport 10 000.s skiers, journalists or what ever needs spcialtrains to take of the load of the highways, as in Mora where I live there is a slim chanche to see nighttrains or special type of passenger cars, this relly gives an opportuninty too see them without driving a car some hours to see them. Some guys might find this fun, but I don't.

The trains leased or sponsored by various companies varies. During the first saturday, one of the specials was quite long, 18 cars mostly consisiting of Slovakian couchettes, a diner and few conferencecars. Hauled by two Rc.s. The other specials so far this year have been shorter variations of this, and some even have a number of rebuilt couchettes and sleeping cars from SJ.

Pictures of more common SJ cars you will find in SJ blues.
Rc6 1412
Rc3 1062
The longest of the specials was this specialtrain of 18 couches including a powercar converted baggagecar. The cold weather and the toatl weight combined needed more power than usual on passenger runs, so newly washed Rc6 1412 and Rc.3 1016 were selected for this job.
The color gives this car away, as normally a baggage car in SJ current color is supposed to be white and with a black band as on this car around the window area, my guess that this car is part of the exebitioncar fleet and it is used as a powercar for heating etc.
The stars of the SJ.s conference fleet are these two custom build cars, outwards, only that gives awy are the markings and the regonizion liens for the two classes is missing. The other car has the earlier version of this scheme. Which is basic grey with blue window band, while the other is in the ordinary but current blue and black.
This car was orginally just another 2.d class (1.class since 1956) dating from the deilveries from the forties. But during the early 1980.s converted as a conference car, by blanking a window and installing a pentry and partly new interiour. It has made it to the current sceme as one of the last surviors of one of the most common cars from the era to the mid eighties.
As the the sixties generation of cars are showing of their age and becoming outated they have started to leave the roster in numbers. First cars to be considered as surplus were the firstclass cars of A2 class. Though a number of them are still running, many remaining cars has reclassfied as A22.s or like this car converted to specialcars. This car is used as a clubcar or as advertized as a party car on Ski expresses to Åre, which is one of the major ski-resorts in the country.

Maybe this is the first time I have seen that SJ have had to lease cars from abroad, this time from Slovakia. And they have shown up on the various specials in numbers. Appearently of typical East European designs, decked out in more modern graphichs and like the current fashion with fixed up details.

I guess that the "modernazition" was a bit hasty, check out the misspelled Liegewagen on this image......

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