Rc1 1026.

Walk around pics for modellers.

GC Rc 1 1026

I figuered that this might be interesting for modellers to check out the switcher conversation on the Rc 1.s
Also this combined with the feature on Rc6 1338, marks the twenty years of development and upgrades of the Rc engines.

Rc 1 were the first Rc series and dates back to the late 1960.s. During the years the class were modified to include some of the improvements featured in the later generation of the rather huge family of road engines. Note that there are some Rcs.s and Rc4.s that sports the switching platforms and the remote control, the later easy to spot by an additional diagonal stripe.

They are much more louder than the later engines and according some rumours fast acclerating engines, allmost fast as a sportcar. During 1990.s the remaining engines were rebuilt/modified to switchers to repalce older siderod electric switchers and the remaining siderod diesels from heavy duties on the major yards.

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