SJ Ra 994.

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After the post WWII, it was appearent that SJ needed to modernize it roster of electrics. SJ (The Swedish National System) was infact one of the earliest national systems to completed the electrification of its main lines. The first generation of power were the various variuations of 2-6-2- side rods of D-class but it was appearent that in the late forties SJ had come to a limit what side rods were to develope, yet SJ did introduce three classes of side rods, the allround 2-6-2 Da class, the 2-8-0+0-8-2 Dm class and the 2-8-0+0-8-0+0-8-2 Dm3-class for the iron ore lines in north after WWII. But as the introduction of the fast train engines of 2-8-2 with invidual drive on powered axles F-class and the heavy C0-C0 M-class (later Mg-class) in the 1940-s lead the way of new thinking. It was considered that light way units would be an easy way to speed up the express trains with out having a an extensive rebuild of the main lines. In 1955- SJ ordered its first modern engines with 2-axle trucks as experiement.

These bullnosed units were only weighting 65 tons and given a maximum speed of 150 km/h. The 4 first engines sported a new highly visible orange paint scheme with green trim and all ten of the Ra-class were given Rapid markings. The last 6 engines were given an new white trim which was applied to the earlier units and the variation of this sceheme was painted on the following Rb and the various Rc-classes later on. Ra.s where used on express trains on Stockholm-Gothenbourg and Stockholm-Oslo line. When they apperared they were promoted as the stars of the new modern Sj and their looks and colors drew alot of attention. By then allmost everything SJ rostered except steamers and railcars were painted in reddish brown. During the and 1980.s the engines were modified in various degrees included with removel of side doors on drivers side on several units. The Ra.s were suplemented by Rc3 and Rc6 classes on expresstrains before they were more and more frequently seen on lesser trains in the 1995.s the last two were taken out of service. Most of the units are now preserved. This unit seen here is is the last built and in looks it had in the mid 1970.s.

The engines carried these names on their front.
  • Ra 846 Rapid 1, built 1955
  • Ra 846 Rapid 2, built 1955
  • Ra 846 Rapid 3, built 1961
  • Ra 846 Rapid 4, built 1961
  • Ra 846 Rapid 5, built 1961
  • Ra 846 Rapid 6, built 1961
  • Ra 846 Rapid 7, built 1961
  • Ra 846 Rapid 8, built 1961
  • Ra 846 Rapid 9, built 1961
  • Ra 846 Rapid 10, built 1961

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