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NSB El7.2501/RjB 1.
The preserved El7.2501/Rjb 1 has been sitting on the same spot for years at the Railroad museum in Hamar. As pictured her here. Only two units were ever built in 1911. originally they were delivered to Rjukanbanen and taken over by NSB.

NSB El7.2501/RjB 1.
In 2006 the engine was repainted int to RB colors and looks just like it was new from the plant. Hamar, 27th August 2006

NSB El8.2060
The preserved El8.2060 rests in Dombås in 1996. The engines was based on German E 18 class, but on a smaller scale and used on all kinds of service, evev freight. This engine is a sole survivour and repainted to its orginal scheeme, and used on excursions by NJK.

NSB El8.2060
One of the jewels found in Hamar round house was El8.2060 in 31th of August 2006. The unit was a smaller cousin to DRG.s E18 and SJ.s class F, but unlike them were used as freight engines and on passanger runs.

NSB El10.2508
Nsb ordered a batch of mid cabbed 0-6-0 rod driven engines based on Swedish Uf class beween 1931 and 1952. They were not as large in numbers as the swedish cousins, only 17 were built. Only one was painted in this colorful paint to haul the Seam train to the family park north of Lillehammer. These trains consisted of either this E10 or a Di2 painted in same way few old freigh cars converted into excursion cars and ex German BFV1.s Hamar 31. August 2006.

NSB El11.2083
El.11 2083 rests in Dombås. These engines where the first bogie single axled powered engines in Norway. They were based on Swiss RE4/4 I class and were withdrawn from service in the mid 90.s 2 engines are preserved and used on excursions.

NSB El11.2098
El.11 2098 is looking good in new red scheme too. This engine seems to be have been employed on Flåm like as it has two extra head lights. The engione was caught far from home, while hauling a special train from Norway to the open house on the national railway museum of Sweden. Gävle 2008-09-06

NSB El11.2107

This hand some engine was part of 41 unit strong class of El11.s delivered from 1951 and the final unit rolled out from Thune in 1964. Based on Swiss RE 4/4 I, these angines were high tech in 1951 and stars on the electrical lines of Norway. 105 km/h fast and at 62 tons on two trucked bogies they were used on passanger trains. The first badge, El11a, 2078 received four pieced windows while the later units of El11b, 2145 - 2150 could make it with two pieced windows.. 4 units are preserved, along this unit El11.2107 seen in Otta 30. and 31. August 2006, 2078, 2085 and 2098 are still around. The latter two by NJK, while the two first are owned by The Railway museum of Norway in Hamar. Though the 2107 seen here is operated by NJK.

NSB El11.2107
The preserved El11.2107 though being an elderly engine does not really look being old enough to be a preserved engine. Much thank to its good finish and the fact being one of the modern electrics, using trucks and smaller electric motors to power each axle. In other words no need for drive rods. Today it is relaxing and has the duty to hold a side window for a Di3 on its buffer plate,
2007-06-16 Hamar.

Ofotenbanen El13.2124
Ofotenbanen runs freight also on the mainline between Oslo and trondheim. Here El13.2124 in Dombås has to let a number of GargoNet trains past before it gets a high ball.
2007-06-19 Dombås.

Ofotenbanen El13.2125
The Ofotenbanen shares the roundhouse area with both GM-gruppen and The rail road museum for servicing their engines and the crew are freindly for railfans, as long they stay on the paved area and not wander around in the area. Here El 13.2125 is been seen to before entering back to road duty.
2008-06-18 Hamar.

Ofotenbanen El13.2125
A year later the engine is now sitting out doors just a few yards away from last year.

Ofotenbanen El13.2131
The catch of the day in 13th of September 2005 in Hamar was this ex. NSB El 13 sitting close to the round house. Now an Ofotenbanen property the nicely repainted unit is waiting for the call for duty.

Ofotenbanen El13.2131
Ofoten Line operates its venerable El13.s. Though they run on the Ofoten line, the norwegian portion of the famous Ore line in Northern Sweden, their main shops and operation hub is at Hamar Phyically separeted from operations so the only way to transport the engines back and forward is by either rail through Sweden or by boat to port and by rail to Hamar.
The first image 2006-08-29 and the second image 2007-06-16 in Hamar.

NSB El13.2142
One of the engines of the 37 units strong El13-class has handed over by CargoNet to the railroad museum. Hamar 31.August 2006

NSB El13.2155
Still in NSB colors this engine apperas to be owned by Ofotenline. Hamar 29. August 2006

NSB El13.2155
It is funny how accesories makes an engine. This El13 in red Nsb looks a bit naked without the rather impressive looking plows.
2006-06-16 Hamar.

NSB El13.2155
The El13.2155 has rolled atleast a few yards since the last photo. Without their rather massive snow plow pilots they look less huskier. 2008-06-18 Hamar.

Ofotenbanen El13.2157
There are at least one El13 in NSB colors, but a guess is that it now adays is in Ofotenbanens roster as it sits next to Ofotenbanens green painted coaches in Hamar 30/5 2006.

NSB? El13.2157
Nothing new has happened to El13.2157 since the previous picture as she sits close to the round house in Hamar in 29th of August. 2006.

Ofotenbanen El13.2161
El 13.2161 looks out the door while getting some attention.
2007-09-15 Hamar.

NSB El14 in Otta
This is a quite typical freight on the mainline between Oslo and Trondheim. A full oad of containers with a 6-axled El14. Seen here in Otta in late 1990.s

NSB El14.2154
Still in 2003, you could see El14 in "new design" as post Olympic games version painted El14 2154 passing Otta with a northbound with of mostly containers.

NSB El14.2165
NSB Gods was history in 2003, replaced by Gargonet but the business was as usual and one engine was stationed in Dombås, this day last day in May 2003 the duty was handled by El14.2165.

GargoNet El14.2167
It is a lot of action as the GargoNet El14.2167 pulls in ti Lillehammer with a hot consist of containers on its way south. The Bm70 is busy unloading passangers and there for I guess, the freight has received red signal. During that stop the enginer has a little extra time to check over his train before leaving town. In 2006 all the freights on the main line over Dovre either consisted TOFC or COFC cars or mixed with articulated double level car carriers. Hbis cars that ere stored at hamar were all gone and the only except for all uniform freights were the timber and wodd chip trains on Röros line. Lillehammer 30/5 2009. All the frights were still hauled behind the classic El14.s but the number of El16.s seem to be increasing as I was able to spot at least one unit every day.

GargoNet El14.2167
The next day, on 31/5 2006, the unit was parked in Dombås to later in the night handle the freight from Åndalsnes, brought by a pair of hard working Di8.s

GargoNet El14.2167
Another crew change at Dombås. A south bound train of containers is waiting for the north bound on the next track to clear the yard.
2007-08-03 Dombås.

GargoNet El14.2167
It is hard to believe that it s close to midnight as E14.2167 with a usual consist of mostly if all container loadis picking up speed for the long grade to the Dovre mountains here in Otta.
2008-06-16 Otta.

GargoNet El14.2168
Once again at my favorite yard in Scandinavia, Dombås, the El14.2168 is sitting and waiting its turn to get in to duty. First I believed that the stationing an electric had to do with having a engine statoned here to help out as a helper over the climb over the Dovrefjell but I more believ today it is to haul an freight from the Rauma line on the electrified leg to south of Dombås. Date is 7th of June 2005.

CargoNet El14.2169
One good place to find an idle El14 is at the yard in Dombås, where they patiently wait to call of duty when the freight appears from the Rauma line. 30/8 2006 Dombås.

NSB El14.2170
A pair of El14.s in different schemes at the engine terminal in Marieborg, Trondheim 1996.

NSB El14.2173
El14 2173 has just arrived with north bound container freight in Trondheim and it is now rolling for a service and perhaps a night rest at the engine terminal in Marieborg. The El.14.s are dominating the freights on the electric Dovre line. Now they are all in grey and black, some of them are at their fourth paint schemes.

NSB El14.2173
El14 2173 is having a weekend off at Dombås and will not to work untill Sunday nights as it will haul the freight from Rauma-line to the south. Dombås 2008-06-14

CargoNet El14.2174
Dombås does have a night life, concentrated between mid night and some 90 minutes further, as in the sudden sleepy yard comes to life. The yard is a crew change station and there are some trains that patiently sits in hole waithing for counter part trains to pass. As long it does not snow, a good place to practice night photography, don't forget your tripod though. 30/8 2006 Dombås.

GargoNet El14.2174
There is still a few monents before El14.2174 gets the call for work. It is waiting a di8 powered freight from the non electrifed line from Åndalsnes.
2007-06-19 Dombås.

CargoNet El14.2174
The freight with CargoNets El14.2174 on the lead has finished its climb and decent from the pass on Dovre Mountains and stops for a change of crew of one person at Dombås. Much of the activity ith the freights from Raumaline has chnaged for th worse for the railfans as CargoNet lets the diesels run their freight all the way to the destination rather thna as earlier stop at Dombås and hand it over to the waiting electric. Dombås 2009-06-15.

GargoNet El14.2176
Night time seems to be freight time, as the now quiet yard of Dombås suddently comes alive during the nights when a parade of freights enter the yard. This south bound freight will change engineer and continule towards Oslo in a few minutes. Dombås 31/5 2006

NSB El14.2177
El14 in Otta in August 1996. Since the El15-class where transferred to the ownership of MTAB/MTAS. These are the only 6-axle engines on NSB. These engines were based on Swiss A/6/6 class.

GargoNet El14.2177
El14.2177 is stopping for a meet with its sister El14.2182 at Dombås just a minute or two in 8th of June 2005.

GargoNet El14.2177
Allmost a year later, 1/6 2006, El14.2177 is back in Dombås and this time hauling a hot shot to Trondheim. In Scandinavia the nights are pretty bright during June and the twilight does give the images some extra shade of blue.

CargoNet El14.2177
Looking at the list El14.2177 is no stranger to Dovre line as seem to manageed to shoot it that often. Here she sits waiting for another northbound which is hotter to pass, that train was hauled by El16.2212.
29/8 2006 Dombås.

CargoNet El14.2179
El14 2179 at Marieborg in first day of June 2004. Marieborg by the way is pretty perfect to take pictures from as the site is accessable by a a large parking lot. on thew opposite side of the parking lot there is the location of a commuter stop and the main line.

GargoNet El14.2180
No matter how hot your freight is you are bound to sit in a hole when you end up in the middle of busy passanger trains coming in from all direction. Here close to the round house and shop area in the southern portion of Hamar in 30th of May 2006, the El14.2180 has to wait three passanger trains to pass before she will be able to continue to south.

Two days later the unit is in Dombås having a few hours off before it will haul a freight, brought by a pair of Di8.s to Dombås to the south.

CargoNet El14.2180
Waiting for the call, and it will be pretty soon as the freight from Åndalsnes is soon diving through the mountain thanks to the tunnel with its freight. The diesels will be uncoupled from the train and El14.2180 will handle the train further south. 29/8 2006 Dombås.

CargoNet El14.2180
Just rolled in for a crew change stop. These crew changes makes Dombås still an interesting place to visit though the action is less that expected. Though the mountainous landscape, the much of the freight is rolling on trucks. 2009-06-16 Dombås.

NSB El14.2181
El14 with freight consisted of containers is the usual sight on the line over Dovre line. The train has finished a hard downgrade and haults for crewchange in May 2003. The containers on the first cars are for the Norwegian Post, unlike its Swedish andother postcompanies/authorities they adopted a red color instead of more common yellow.

NSB El14.2182
El14.2182 sits in the yard at allmost same spot as the El14.2184 seen below. Date; August 2003 in Dombås.

GargoNet El14.2182
It is in the middle of night and as dark it gets in June, which is not entirely that dark, there is still a slight line of sun light traced at north and you woll still see a lot of details. The yard of Dombås is rather unbusy today, 7th of June 2005 but all in the sudden the silense is vanished as a pair of freights meet and change crews and check out for late new orders. The El 14.2182 is on its way to Trondheim with a rather lengthy consist. Date is 7th of June 2005.

GargoNet El14.2182
Night time is a busy time of day gor gargoNet, as there is a few night trains on the line, at times the action is busy. Here El14.2182 is changing crew of one person at Dombås.
2007-08-03 Dombås.

CargoNet El14.2184
Gargonet El14 2184 in Dombås. The engine could use a visit to the wash rack. Note the different grafics on this engine compared to El14 2165 shown above.

CargoNet El14.2184
Gargonet El14 2184 is rushing with a hot shot of containers to north at Otta. Date; 2. June 2004.

GargoNet El14.2186
It is 6th of June 2005 and once again you will find an El14 sitting idle in the yard. Today the honors are for the El14.2186.

NSB El14.2187
El14.2187 in Lillehammar sitting in hole for southbound passanger train consisted of a pair of BM70 class EMU:s. The engine sports a "phase II" variation of the red and black scheme. The difference is minor, the relocation of the front engine number from the left side to the right. This variaiton f the New Design scheme was introduced on engines repainted for the Olympic Games of Lillehammer.

More images on El14.2187 in Lillehammer.

GargoNet El14.2187
Gargonet El14 2187 resting at the engine terminal at Marieborg, Trondheim. Date; 1. June 2004.

GargoNet El14.2187
The work day is allmost over for El14 2187 as it slows down to the yard of trondheim with a unit train of containers. Still the now elderly six axle engines are favorite among the crew and availability is as good as on the newer units of El16 class.
2007-06-19 Trondheim.

GargoNet El14.2188
It is past mid night and it is now second of June 2006 and El14.2188 slows for a stop at Dombås. The north bound freight with a a sister lead on the lead will be able to enter the main once the last car has cleared the switch. The south bound train seem to have healthy amount of mail as witnessed by the red postal containers on the first cars.

Nsb Gods El14.2189
El14 2189 at the engine terminal at Marieborg. The engine is carring the new freight livery and is now in roster of NSB Gods, before the company becomes CargoNet and the graphics will be changed once again.

NSB Gods El14.2189
NSB El14.2189 in grey.
The engines were to carry another new paint scheme in the turn of the millenium. The red has been replaced with Grey and black. In later years the once allround unit are the backbone of the roster of NSB Gods, which is the branch dvision of the NSB.

Detailshots of El14.2189 large images.

Detail shots of El14.2189 small images.

GargoNet El14.2189
South bound GargoNet El14 2189 is rolling to the yard of Dombås in the earliest hour of June the first in 2006.

CargoNet El14.2189
Crew change in Dombås and in a few minutes El14.2189 is heading south.It is hard to think that some of these engines are now at respectable age of 40, in a few years. 29/8 2006 Dombås.

CargoNet El14.2189

Another crew change and this time in the broad day light as El14.2189 will head a long consist of containers to the south. 2007-06-19 Dombås.

NSB El14.2189
El14 2189 is slowing for a crew stop at Dombås in late morning. Dombås serves as a crew stop for the freight trains and just a minute later the new crew of one bords the engine and pick up speed. The consist was typical in 2008, containers and trailers on flat cars. Dombås 2008-06-14

CargoNet El14.2190
Gargonet El14 2190 is rolling by the the track number one at Otta with a south bound container run at 31. August 2004.

CargoNet El14.2197
The nights in mid June provides enough light to be able to shoot night shots without a tripod. Here close after the midnight, CargoNets El14 2197 stops for a crew change and continues up the steep grade nort from Dombås. Dombås 2009-06-15.

CargoNet El14.2199
GargoNet El14 2199 is busy with night runs with containers, seen here first in Hamar 2. June 2004 and day earlier at Otta.

CargoNet El14.2200
Gargonet El14 2200 and Di8.709 is rushing with a hot shot of containers to north at Otta. Date; 2. June 2004.
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