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Some photos that does not yet fit any of the cathegories.

NSB Type 30a 271
The ten wheelers of Type 30 class were constructed between 1914 and 1939. One of the engines survived and during the summers handles with matching wooden passanger cars the scenic run from åndalsnes and bjorli during the summer months. The consist now owned by NJM, was caught in Otta along with E11.2107 which pulled the consist home to the south. Otta 29th and 30th August 2006.

Unfortunatly there seem to be a problem with one of the bogies of the cars, I learned a leaking break line. But then again if the plans were carried out i would not been able to take these photos.

The oldest railway museum in Scandinavia is located in Hamar, where this narrow gauge tankengine and the restored cars are used to haul visitors through the rather limited area. Right now this is the only Norwegian steam engine that I got a decent shot of, so this is the reason that it is on "odd" section.

Tram in Trondheim
No I have so far no plans to turn this site to a site of light rail but I could not pass this up while I sat caught during a commuter rush hour in Trondheim. The line is now the last remaining tram in town, much becuse the line needs to deal with a respecting grades along the line.

Thamshavnsbanan #5
This engine is one of the interesting engines of the preserved 1000mm gauge Thamshavn line. the line took advantage of the electric powerplant s in the area and early electrified the entire line in the early 20th century. During the WWII the Germans was forced to send a powerful 2-10-2 tank to provide extra muscle when the line was target for sabotage, which resulted in the electric operation came to halt.

NSB Catenary service car 2.15
The caternary service acars have become self running motorcars, now custom built. Previously modified from old cars and older DMU.s. This later construction sports a hydralic work platform. Otta 29th August 2006.

NSB track speedster
To see this small and cute is a favorite for kids but these were very much needed equipment on their hey days. For track inspections and to haul workers to a work site. In Sweden one manufactor specialized itself in building anything from speedsters like this to larger passanger carring railcars. One of the speedsters delivered to Norway, and one of them is preserved at the nation rail museum in Hamar.

So if you found that unit in Dombås as easy, how about this shop switcher at Marieborg in Trondheim? With rubber tires it will be able to leave tracks and parked out of the way .

Banservice 018-16-1X
A MoW vehicle at the east track of the yard in Dombås.
2007-06-17 Dombås.

LW 25011
The ballast regulators has developed a lot since they were introduced. Now adays they can do a lot more and precise. By the way a model of these modern equipment are made by Kibri.
2007-06-16 Elverum.

LW 24008
Another big yellow machine in Elverum. My guess is that this machine cleans and burns all the weeds on the mainline.
2007-06-16 Elverum.

JBV 30-36-5061
A Robel at Hamar waiting for the next asignment.
2007-06-16 Hamar.

NSB Robel
MoW equipment are of varoius types, some interesting and some...less interesting. One of the more intersting is this Robel made railtruck with the front end loader loaded on the trailer, photo from Eina in 2002.

NSB Robel
NSB Robel

When I went through these pictures it appears that this Robel rail car seem to have taken pretty much the same excursion as I did. First, I shot it in Trondheim first of June 2004, and following day, it sat at the roundhouse in Åndalsnes and later in the evening it departed as scheduled! train for Dombås.

JBV Robel
Robels part 2.
It seems that the round house area in Oppdal is a center for the MoW duties on the lines climb over the Dovre mountains. Here we see three shots of Robels sitting idle in 7th of June 2005 in Oppdal.

JBV Robel at Hamar
These Robels seem to be found everywhere and seems to be handy to haul a section crew and tools and some tools and car or two to the sites. Hamar 30/5 2006.

JBV Robel at Dombås
As the large number of MoW equipment has been gathered in Dombås there is not a hard question that either Raumaline of the main line over the Dovre mountains will get some extra atention and tie replacement. These Robel rail cars, as the one seen here are handy in these operations. 31/5 2006 Dombås.

JBV Robel at Elverums
At Elverums sizely yard sees a small headquarters for the MoW on the line. I could at this day spot 10 gracel cars, this Robel and an ex NSB B1 crew dormitory car sitting in various sidings on the yard. 2/6 2006 Elverum.

JBV Robel at Hamar
At the round house end of the yard it is a common thing to see MoW-equipment as this Robel with a small trailer.
2007-09-15 Hamar.

JBV Robel 365107 at Dombås
MoW work is a year around busniess but the spring and summers will keep the crews busy and these Robels cars can be found in just about any large yards. 2008-06-16 Dombås

JBV Robel 30-36-5114 at Otta
Another Robel was found at the roundhouse of Otta along some historic equipment. 2008-06-16 Otta

Catenary service car
Catenary construction car at Hamar 26th of Septemrber 2004.

JBV ??
Todays rail roads use alot of high tech equipment to to detect any problems along the right of way. The higher speeds and heavier trains does take its toll on the railroads and to cope with that many uses various laboratory cars to find the source for problems before it will be a problem. JBV uses as it seems a self propelled carof recent vintaage.
2008-06-17 Dombås.

Sperry 200
Today to detect problems and prevent accident has made railroading in to very high tech business. Ine of the companies word wide specialising to this is Sperry. Dombås 29th August 2006.

NSB old compartment car
In the beginning the passanger cars did not have corridors and all the passangers were located in compartments. All these were connected to the world outside by doors. You can inmagine the angerous work of conductors in cold winter days on those slippert foot boards. Otta 28th August 2006.

MoW equipment at Otta.

In late summer or very early fall, Jernbaneverket was busy to make their job on the Dovre line and the yard of of Otta was filled with various of MoV equipment.

Jernbaneverket A10b
Your guess is just as good as mine. I guess it is a small bllast regulator or a tie replacing machine.
2007-06-16 Hamar.

Jernbaneverket trailer for a Robel
Some of the MoW equiment are small enough to be "cute".
2007-06-16 Hamar.

NSB old catenary repair car

NSB old crew car
These cars are surving as club house for a local Model rail roader club that also rosters a G4 box car coupled to one of the cars. Elverum 2/6 2006

While at it, a couple of more modern, well not the latest MoW equipment from Norway, both shots from Otta.

NSB ex sleeping car
While we are at it with MoW stuff how about some classic looking lodging of the crew? This car seem to be an ex sleeping car that is sitting in Åndalsnes in 7th of June 2005. I guess that this car is a preserved car for future project for a preserved line or a museum.

NSB ex sleeping car
Originally this car was part of the first steel passenger cars in Norway and within time it has seen few modifications as the B3-type enterence doors before it was fully converted to a dorm car for the MoW crews. The passage at the ends are blanked and on this side a great spot to add an A/C unit for the extra confort while the other side houses a satelite dish to give the crews some extra channels for the TV on board. Elverum 2/6 2006.

NSB 21207

NSB 21255
Two cars that is waiting to be preserved and fully renovated. The sleeper is from the first series of steel bodied cars while the restaurant cars is from the fiftes. I guess the public does not embrace steel bodied cars as much than the older wooden cars but the fact is that these cars are reaching the sam age as the wood cars were when they started to be preserved. Hamar 30/5 2006

NSB ex. royal car
At the railroad museum of Hamar one of the star attractions is the former royal private car. Here the two side views of this car. I guess a bit more confortable than the crew cars for the MoW duties. Hamar 9th June 2005.

Ofotenbanen passanger cars-
Only some ten years ago it was common to see these cars on any service from local branch line runs to Ic-trains on the main lines. Now as the most of these services are taken over by EMU.s or DMU.s or B7 generation cars with El18, these cars phased ot fast. Here in Hamar a few have been sold of to Ofoten line and the cars are;
  • B3 type 2
  • CB2 21225, which is a lounge car rebuilt from a B2 car
  • BF 11 21601 combine.

2007-06-16 Hamar.

NSB ex G3
JBV is having G3 in Dombås for storage. Date 7th of June 2005.

Gs waiting for the torch in Elverum. Date 9th of June 2005.

NSB ex Gs
Over the years I have spotted these three cars parked on a siding north of Otta but never photographed them as either I had not enough film or as with the older digital camera I used not enough light. But in 2006 the cars were reparked close to the round house and more easily accessable. Back some ten years ago, I would never think off adding photos of plain box cars on this site but these once more than common cars have become very scarce. To find three of them very much unmodified for MOW duty is a treat. Otta 31/5 2006.

NSB old gravel car
I guess that this car is now a property of the rail museum in Hamar but still waits before given attention in a rather good shape at the yard of Hamar. Note how much smaller these period cars look like compared to modern cars.

JBV xabfs in Elverum
It is hard to believe that these cars share the same purpose with the car seen above. Note that the NSB logo has been painted out in box car red with some extra shade of red. Elverum 2/6 2006

NSB Hs 202239 & Hs 202649
I guess these cars are a forerunners to the modern all door cars seen everywhere. Sized as UIC Gs generation cars from the fifties they were often seen in express freight duties in even passenger cars. Now both cars are not used for anything else than for sheds on wheels.

The Hs 202239 is seen in Åndalsnes in 31/5 2006 and the Hs 202649 in Elverum 2/6 2006.

NSB ex Dresden?
JBV still sees use of older ex German cars for storage such as this car in the shop area in Hamar. Date 9th of June 2005.

NSB ex DRG Dresden
Older equipment are often modified to suit to the demands, like this ex DRG. Dresden car that have some new windows added, but now slowly been robbed on parts and being scrapped at Elverum in 2002.

NSB box cars owned by GM-Gruppen
It was fast, how the once the in large numbers, those mysterious looking box cars are history. Those who are not recycled in to new products, most of them serves as rolling storage sheds more or less or waiting for the day someone regonize them for rail preservation rail road or groups. Here actually we have one box car, the others are early version of all door cars, bumbed away by new improved designs.

NSB Gbs in MoW service
As the cars in GM-gruppen ownership looks a lot like as their hey days, Jernbaneverket, national agency does not hesitate to modify the cars to their purposes.

Once perhaps a pride of the freight car equipment now this interesting car seem to be forgotten at scrap yard of Elverum. Date 9th of June 2005.

JBV MoW cars in Dombås
It is rather interesting to see modifications added to ex. regular freight cars as they are adopted to MoW service, as the stake falt car in the background. The gravel hopper however is from start custom built for this service.

Nsb condola in Åndalsnes
Once everywhere, even more common than box cars these condola cars with removeable sides to form either a flat car or a stake car are as scarce as box cars. Still 10 years ago you would find them every where. This car was found in Åndalsnes and spent its time as storage. 1/6 2006 Åndalsnes.

NSB old gravel car
It is amaizing to see how freight cars and even MoW cars have developed. This car looks a lot like a wheel barrow on flanged wheels but was common for hauling gravel and ballast. Looking a lot more flimiser than the massive 4 axled cars used today, they did see a long time in active duty. Now this venerable car is waiting for to be renovated by an active croup of enthusiasts housed in the round house in Otta. Photo in Otta 31/5 2006.

NSB old plow

NSB old flanger
It is amaizing to see how freight cars and even MoW cars have developed. This car looks a lot like a More look on vintage MoW cars from Norway. These are a short snow plow and a flanger looks rather basic cars. Note the lack of windows in that plow. Must have been a bit scary to be manning that plow, relying on signals from the engineer from the pushing steamer. I guess the snow plow prooved to be inadequate for heavy drifts of wet snow but I guess the alternative of sending out men with shovels to clear the line would be more time consuming and expensive. The flanger houses a even smaller plow on deck. It looks lot like is someone placed farming equipment next to shack than a actually working equipment. Hamar 30/5 2006

AAE articulated car in Åndalsnes
A trend among railroads is not to own their equipment, so firms and short lines like AAE owns perhaps a 1000 fold cars to handle their on line service, but the car leasing business seems to make money and the Swiss very short line is a major car leaser in Europe. Modellers note, that this is a car available in 1/87 scale model by Roco.

Speno rail grinding train
The visit to Åndalsnes in may 2003, ofered few suprices, such as restored Di3 and this Spino grinding train.

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