E10 1745.

The last Swedish Tender engine details.

Ex SJ E10 1745
The three cylinder 4-8-0.s of 10 engines strong (#.s 1739-1748) E10-class where the last tender engines constructed for the nationalized railroad new work under SJ. The post war steam program included not only these handsome E10.s also narrow gauge 2-8-0 tender engines for 891mm and 1067 mm gauge destinated as Gp and Gt class and the last of Swedish steam the 2-6-4T, the S1 class dating 1953.

The engines were modernized version of E9-class, that were originally built as HNJ G12-class. Also features from ex BJ built heavy 2-8-0.s were incorporated in the design. To my knowledge the E10.s were the only engines built as oil-fired, and were built with the service on Inland line in mind. In 2003 a newly formed rail preservation group was formed in the former Inland line station at Orsa and now they own two pieces of motive power. The E10 1745 after it arrived to Orsa for reworking and obviously a repaint to its original black paint, here the with som of the valve gear removed for the lengthy trip to Orsa. The other is a four axle rod driven diesel of T23 class.

Image from Jeco Ab, used with permission

What makes these images interesting is the fact that a Swedish firm Jeco produces a brass and pewter kit of an E10 in 1/87 scale.

A little bonus

The engine was complemented by a pair of freight cars, a SJ version of a UIC Gs type of car. Once fairly common, but as far I know only this car is preserved, or what is left of it. The paint scheme was not in common on the car compared to what once was available in 1/87 scale. I am not sure, but I think that car once displayed at the national RR museum during the summer of the SJ.s 125 years of operation.

The second car, was a very common car in Sweden, and in Norway. The car is versatile flat car with drop down side walls so tyhe car could be used as a condola aswell. During the 1970.s, when there still was a shortage of custom built container cars many of the container loads where hauled on this type of cars.

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