I got lucky....

The great Dane lash up.

Once in a while you get the break and during April 2004 I encountered to this. All three types of power used on the Inland line freights between Mora and Sveg. They are all made by NoHab, they were delivered to DSB, and they are all powered by EMD prime movers. Only two units, 1013 and 1014, both TMX.s is missing.. The units are SIT TMZ 1413 (ex. DSB Mz 1413), Ibab TMY 1157 (ex. DSB My 1157, TGOJ My 1157) and Ibab TMX 1016 (ex. DSB Mx 1016). The TMY in the middle is still wearing DSB scheme albeit DSB logos, while the the TMX in the rear is wearing a lighter variation of IBAB wine red and light grey scheme.

The TMZ with its 3000 hp was mainly used as a single unit on the container trains while the older units with roughly half of horse power were mostly used in pairs.

This power was not enough to provied service for an entire winter season, so a pair of Banverkets T43.s were often seen as power for this most interesting runs in Sweden. Other units seen on this service was Ibabs own diesels which mostly seem to used in other services in the country, The T44 seen in 2003 was gone, and InlandGods own diesel unit showed up in timber trains first in May 2004.

Green Gargo joined in the action with a unit wood chip train from the Älvdalen line powered by T44 381.

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