IBAB B 1384.

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In June 2007 the Inland line had its 100 years anniversary. To celebrate this a steam powered special train was set up and ferried passagers one trip from Mora in South to Gällivara in north. IBAB has purchased and refurbished several older steam engines as this B 1384, built in 1918. The B-class were the second largest group of steamers in Sweden, 99 engines strong. Surpassed only by Class E which were built in 126 copies. They were besed on Prussian P8-class (later Br 38-class) and as their Germasn cousins they were truely Maidens for all. Serving from anything from fast trains to heavy freights untill the endo f steam in 1970.s. Originally they were delivered with four axle tenders, except the last three ordered by SWB in 1941. But a number of engines received a smaller three axle tenders to make the engines able to serve on ex. private lines which had in genearl shorter turntables. 2007-06-15 Orsa.

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