Map of the location.
The Kylling bridge and the tunnel is to the right
The former station in the middle and Stavem Tunnel to the left.

A station in the scenic Raumadal.

Kylling Bridge, just one of the highlights of Verma

Verma is located on unelectrified Rauma-line between Dombås and Åndalsnes and is the location that is pretty rare in the world of railroading. It is very noteworthy when a line makes a loop to gain altitude, but even rarer is locations where a line loops twice. The station was once located on the middle leg serving the small village clinging on a steep hillside. The station was closed in 1992 and the yard is dismantled except for the mainline. A little description on the site is here.
The line enters to the area from Ånadalsnes in narrow valley. Makes the first turn to the left. About half way, the line crosses a stone arch bridge, enters a snow-shed covered portal of 440 m long the Kylling tunnel, enters the former yard. After a strech of grade it enters the 1 340 m long spiral-tunnel known as the Stavem Vendetunnel to appear the site once again and continues towards Dombås on the highline.

The rails unrelated sights of this area.

One of the sights along the line close to Åndalsnes is the famous Trollveggen, with the more than 1800 meter high steep mountain walls. On the opposite side you have Romdalshorn, one of the most famous Norwegian mountains. If you are in the area, these are absolutely a "must sees".
If you go by a car take visit also to Trollstigen nearby. In a three sided narrow valley with steep mountain walls, the road climbs toward the pass with a number of twisting hairpin curves, remember when going downhill, use the low gear!...

Some information on Rauma-line.

The Rauma-line, between Dombås and Åndalsnes was completed during 1917 - 1924. Known for the spiral in Verma, its twisting route crossing the namesake river on stone arch bridges, passing the over 1800 meters high Trollväggen and its steam and later diesels. In 1921 the line was opened between Dombås - Björli, while construction crews was constructing the line westward.

A typical passanger run in the lates nineties, a venerable Di3 with a BF12 combine and trhee B3 passanger cars. Today you can model this modest consist with DI3 from Märklin, Heljan or Roco with passanger cars from Lima.

List of stations on the line.

  • Dombås. Altitude 643 meters, New depot constructed in 1941, still in use.
  • Bottheim. Altitude 648,2 meters, closed in 1990, depot raised
  • Lesja. Altitude 634,1 meters, closed in 1990.
  • Lora. Altitude 631.7 meters closed, in 1990.
  • Lesjaverk. Altitude 633,2 meters closed in 1990.
  • Lesjaskog. Altitude 615,3 meters, closed in 1990, depot raised
  • Bjorli. Altitude 574,7 metres, Restaurant destroyed by fire in 1940, still in use.
  • Verma. Altitude 272,74 meters closed, in 1992.
  • Flatmark Altitude 126,65 meters, closed in 1990.
  • Marstein. Altitude 65 meters, closed in 1992.
  • Romsdalshorn Altitude 9,45 meters closed in 1990.
  • Åndalsnes Altitude 4, meters The freight terminal was relocated and opened at 1994. still in use.