Just a few words....

I started to photogrpah pretty late, I guess I was in the late twenties and the reason was a break up. I bought my first serious camera a Canon AE1p and I guess I have stucked with Canons ever since. The first camera got stolen and i replaced it with a T70 which was more automatic and by that time I added a a Vivitar tele zoom to the roster. In the very beginning I used various companies slaes booklets to guide me and make some sence over the various information and the language in photography.

It was fun but a pretty expensive way to have fun as film rolls of maximum 36 shots cost money and you did not have access ti the photos right away. And you could not see the resukts untill you got a envelope and all of them in a package. Many of the shots were obvisously disappointments. But I learned a lot and the camera was a good company..

When I moved to the picturesque region of Dalecarlia in Sweden, I came across to digital cameras and the first ones were not very good and did not have a bility to pick out really anything, and they were slow mothers to work wit. The second generation with Sonys with a decent optics opened the way. The earliest photos displayed here are taken with a Sony Mavica, which was a loaner, the ones that stored the images on discettes... By the time I was lured away to hockey and I did a booklet and to get the photos I needed for it, I shot it with the Mavica. Slow as it was I had to be prepared to take a shot....

Around 2005 or so I bought my first digital camera, a canon EOS 300d which I still use, so far I guestimate to have some 80 000 shots with it, been in repair twice but has worked well.. In late 2008 I added a EOS 400d to the roster.

I mostly prefer to shoot landscapes, townscapes aswell with the sports, mostly hockey. and you will collections of them in the links to the right.
  • The Photo Page is a collection of all kinds of photos, from my trips in the county and elsewhere in Sweden.
  • Norway is obviously mostly from my more recent trips to Norway with a commentaries and
  • Mora IK is from the first season Mora IK played in the major league in Sweden.
In all all the modifications to the shots are just added sharpness after downsizing and modifieing them to the web. In most cases they are all sized 645 x 428 pixels.