View from Röros 2003. Image is done by combining two photos and some airbrushing on Adobe Photoshop 6.0.

I have a number of tricked images like this which I plan to add as part of this webpage. More different styles of computer made or altered images are located in my Art section of the main webpage, Olavi Ahokas Dotcom. Images shown in this section Olavi Ahokas Photo page are not modified, purely out of the camera.

You ever wondered about how come no recent images from Norway? I saved them for this!
A special site with photos from Norway!

Images on this feature are modified in Photoshop 6.0.
Photo tour to Norway early fall 2003.>>>

Just a few words.
Finally, I got around with this page. I started to take on photography in first half of and well before I got around with scetches and painting. My first camera besides fooling around with very compact cameras around in some parties, after a few pints of beer, with a rather odd looking results like half a unknown female bum, half a face etc... I think that you get a picture, was a Canon Ae 1 Program, which got stolen and was replaced with a Canon T70. I use mostly zoom lenses to it, and my favorite is the cheapest, a Canon 35-75 mm f/4. But I do use my Vivitar 70-300 mm f/4 quite a lot too.

New Car page with more than 300 images of classic cars >>>

Images of storm over the Lake Orsa, Sweden July 2003. >>>
The last couple of years I have had access to a Sony Mavica digital camera that loads images on discettes, though the images is not as sharp comparing T70 or later generation of digital cameras. It is easy to work with and replacing another disc is a breeze. No fooling around with small memory cards, which are fragile and hard to locate if you drop it by accident, try to located one on a gravel or on a dirt road after sundown..., and the fact, discs are available just about everywhere.

Once the digitalcameras powered by ordinary batteries, with easy interchangeable lenses and with a pricetag around the common 35 mm cameras, and a led display that does not have problems when you pan and rewriteable CD-drive onboard, without having a fear to loose images when you formate the disc for download to your PC or Mac, I am in the market.
The advantages on digital cameras are obvious, you can check the result of your shooting at once, and it is economical, you can delete bad pics and save the good stuff. Disappointment over that picture that turned out as nothing is a thing of the past. Also as in the case of that Mavica I usually use on digital shooting, discettees come out very cheap, and are available allmost everywhere.

Bad stuff? there are still plenty, like on discette loaded cameras the resolution is not great, some of the mini CD loaded cameras have deleted some of the images out of its own, specially if you use the same "load" to different sessions. And to work well with these you need a laptop or a PC so you can download the CD between the sessions. The handiness of that camera is out of the window if to ensure your pics you need to drag along that laptop or that PC....
Some of the cameras with memory card that are very compact but unhandy to use, if you need to replace the card during a session, becuse you want to work fast. The most negative part is the fact that you can not use different items to goes along the stuff, when the next generation of the camera from the same manufactor, and in same series comes along. This means that beside the camera, you have to invest to extra set of batteries (in most cases special designed to that vintage, and when the cameras is dropped from the cathaloque these items dropped too) and extra memory cards and perhaps an extra loading device. These will insure long useful life of the camera, but doubles the price of that at the first glance economical camera.

Differences? Well the digital camera is a different kind of beat compared to a camera loaded with a traditional film, as it works more like a videocamera in terms of exposure and a lighting, are familiar with various types of videocameras and know how they work in different conditions, you find no problems with digital camera. Otherwise, if you are used to traditional cameras, you have to adjust your shooting to the new media. It is just great... Shooting pics, is fun. If you ask me, I'd use them both, but I 'd pick up the digital cameras if I need images at once or in numbers....... Scanning pics are not my idea of having fun. On this site about half of the images are taken with the traditional camera and scanned and the other half are with a digital.

I like to photograph landscapes, and structures, but does photograph also sport events. I have made a digital image album for the local hockey team, with images (about a 70-100 pics per match as an average) but also behind the scenes images. I have done some sessions based on cross skiing events localy, and in "Sports" I will share a selection of images from the finish line of the Wasa Ski Run in 2002, including few shots of Björn Daehli...