Music Projects - My gear.

My main instrument is as you might have guessed is guitar. And I got several of them as I have a hard to sell anything I have purchased. The favorite is stock dayglow pinkish red Ibanez RG 550 of 1987 vintage. Which I bought new in 1988. It is a great guitar and some of the guys who played it have gone and bought one, I guess that at least 6 guitars have been sold that way. Among the things I like on it is a 24 fret neck and and the Ibanez own improvment on Floyd Roses tremolo. The improvement is actually mostly Ibanez used tougher guality metal on it. As witnessed that the guitar still got the orginal piece. Only thing I have replaced so far on it is just a tremolo arm which went in two pieces years back. I usually tune my guitars down to D. It was kind of tough to find suitable strings for it as either I felt unconfortable or strings snapped of like nothing while using the whammy bar. The strings that sseemed work best to my style of playing is Ernie Balls super slinky starting from 009.s.

My other main guitar is a pre-Jackson Strat which feature a Floyd Rose (will be replaced by a Ibanez). It got just one humbucker and a one knpb for volume. I got a pre amp, for toying around an idea to replace the volume knob on it it sounds raunchy and is the hot rod of my guitars. Just perfect for those distroted leads. The orginal Floyd Rose will be replaced as it is weaker than Ibanez......

Besides that I got 3 more electrics, the old Framus double cut away, a cheap old semi acoustic double cutaway, with the horrid Bigsby tail piece on it. and a Korean made cheap Les Paul, with loads of electric junk on. These are now retired to wall decorations along my first bass, a strange kind of mix of an Mustang scaled neck with a body that is a mix of all Fender designs. Another "decoration" is a Rickenbacker bass copy made by Arbiter. The neck is having slight bow, and I hated the bridge design. I only used on my first band projects. The main bass is a Ibanez prototype that also features a 24 fret neck, armed with a pre amp I could easily set it for a slight extra distortion when needed. I usually used it with a flanger on few songs for extra texture during when the guitarist went in for a longer solo. The 24-fret neck was very handy while playing in a three piece bands, as it gives a extra selection of notes. I guess that's where I got my 24-fretmania.