Music Projects - web pages.

Sky High (2000- 2003)
Now a days my musical adventures are mostly within webpages, here is a selection.

A friend of mine saw some of my earlier web-pages stated that I was to do their web-page, I thought that he was just bullshitting, you know like making more smoke than fire, so I said OK..... I did not know that he actually played bass in Sky High, so I thought that this was a coffee break project..... So wrong, pal!!
As they are one of the best live acts in Sweden, they have grown to the state of being the major blues band in the country. Now they have released 12 albums worth of material, and additional material on soundtracks, and I have remodelled the site to run inline with the latest releases On the cover & Freedom which is to be released aswell in USA. I met the rest of the guys during a gig they had in Mora, and the whole things had the right vibes with it and I still run it. They are a great band, with lots of routine and know how please a crowd. One detail that is a killer for any other musicians I know, is how they set their act, they just settle on the first few tunes, just a minute or two before they enter the stage and kick ass.

In march 2003 I took over which will be the "main" site for the future. This means adios to the pop ups and perhaps new feature on the website in the future. The present site Skyhigh World Wide will be closed this summer. Today the is handled by another web master.

nyway, some friends of mine had a great metalband called IMPACT MACHINE Which has been on hold for a while, but they are about to make a return. They are or were a very tight liveband and they seemed to get things right and I've been watching on what they are doing..
They sound right and most of all they are experieced musicians and finally they are not a bunch of kids acting like stupied "let's burn out before we'll be 25 shit".
They have been lately busy with other music related projects, but as I figure and hear from the guys they are about to make a second try out of it, one way or other. I think that they should, they had it all that makes a great live band....
I hope that they get a break. They got a great web-page with sound samples and they cut a full length Demo CD called New Clear Morning for which I did a flipside art work. They have developed further the site themselves, so please do take look on it... I still remain as the photographer

As the Impact Machine has been on hold, members of the band have been involved with other projects as CC Knights. They are a local asskicking bluesband and to help them out a bit, I made a small homepage for them, including some liveshots. Stay tuned!

Another spin off from Imapact Machine is hardrock, not metal band called Trashcan. and I also helped out with a webpage.

Lately i hav mostly been a photographer taking live shots for Bäddsoffan Brinner, Rydell & Quick, The Hearsemen, The Sideshow, Metal Gods, Team Cans and Hardcore Superstars.