One of the most popular winter sport resorts is the small town of Trysil. Sitting next to the dominating Mount Trysil. The town itself is a mixture of typical Norwegian town and naturally, caused by the rather massive tourism. For me the Trysil means that i have reached to what I consider is one of the highlights of Norway, the bold massive mountains. The area is located some 35-40 kilometers west from the Swedish border at Gränsbo, tucked just behind another giant ski resort of Transtrand Mountains at Sälen Sweden.

One interesting feature what seem to be found allmost everywhere is the typical white older buildings, wheter it is farm houses, mansions or business, these handsome white buildings are found everywhere. But the modern architechture is perhaps more bold than in Sweden but it works like on the block of retail stores in various pale green colors. Other usual colors are very dark brown with white or red trim.

How to get here?

Trysil is located in south east corner of Norway, some 60 kilometers north east of City of Elverum. As the town is located way off from the coast and railroad, to get here is going by car or a buss.
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