There are twisting roads in Norway, but none as twisting as the trollstigen. Climbing up on three mountain walls over a huge water fall over a stone arch bridge and you have anumber of samller water falls all around you.

A view to the valley towards Romsdal.

Halfway on the climb we cross a roaring water fall before the last leg.

All around you are dwarfed by mountain peaks, some allmost 2000meters high.

The mix of light and light haze from the warm surface water of the ocean gives wonderful effects.

Not for the weak hearted a look down and the twisting road.

As we close in to the summit, the ground is still mostly snow covered in early June. As a tradition travellers has piled rocks over the years and has become a bit of surreal piece of the landscape.

The mini landsacape of piled rocks in the foreground and the big mountain scenes in background makes quite a contrast. Yes i buld one pil too. Though I guess it is not sturdy enough to stand against the winter.

Some of them have a rather bisarre shape, like they were taken from a saga.

On a clear day or at least close to a clear day you wil see the river and the towering mountains in the background. Though being on the plateu, you still can hear the roar of the massive main waterfall.

The roar from the waterfalls in the late spring and early summer is an experience. There are a number of smaller waterfalls and if you have an empty bottle you will in no time have the most delicious still water you have ever tasted, and it is served cold and refreshing!

It is hard to inmagine the hardship among the construction crews as they with simpler tools and no machines constructed this piece of marvel.

There are a lot of different yet, incredible angles for the camera. The mountain walls are huge enough to make the road look like a paved path.

If you though that you were brave enough to concuour the Trollstigen, there is allways a bit of extra challenge.

Have a look at this, this has to be the steepest road I ever seen, used as horse trail and absolutely dangerous both for the poor horse and horse man.

Somewhere, some time ago some one had an idea of piling up rocks on the passes. This tradition as it seems have been carried on by visitors as seen on the top of the ridge.

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