As we get closer to the end of Romdalsfjorden, the smaller hills of the north shore is dominated by the much larger ones on the opposite shore. These mountain walls are inpressive, reaching up to 1000 meters from the sea level.

Still you will easily find small scenes like on the image to left, if you take time to do it.
The combination of forested hills, the salt water, the mountain walls of south shore and light makes interesting images not only in your camera but in your memory. on this scene, not far away, from the site seen above. It looks a lot like that someone has paisted two different images to one..

The mix of light and liht haze from the warm surface water of the ocean gives wonderful effects.
A view from the port of Åndalsnes, right here it is not quite pictorique, as the pier is pretty much filled with litter and weeds.
Here we see allmost the entire town of Åndalsnes from the opposite shore of the fjord.


A panoramic view of Åndalsnes in 15th od September 2005.

...The county of Rauma in Romsdal is quite large by Norwegian standards, totalling 7300 citizens. Stretching from the eastern point of Verma to Vågstranda in the west, Trollstigen on the southern border with Sunnmøre and Mittet in the north, covering an area of over 1500 square kilometers. You find some of Norways most famous tourist attractions here; Trollstigen, Trollveggen, Romsdalshorn, Romsdalsfjord, Romsdal Alps and Rauma River are well known for most of us.

The centre of Rauma is Åndalsnes, called "the Alp town by the fjord". The first cruiseships came to Åndalsnes as early as 1883. It's location in between the impressive mountain sides bides for a fantastic view. Travelling by road, there are plenty of nice picnic and service areas by the fjord...
Whereever you look the buildings are dwarfed by the mountains. This row of houses are loacted across the tracks of the railroad station....

... next to this former gas station in architecture of the 1930.s. Back at the dock, the town has taken care of details to highlight the dock next to the railroad station.
Standing about at same spot bu turning the camera to other direction, and you will find a mountain in the background towering the buildings.

On the outskirts.

While driving back to the inland you will once again look how massive mountain really are. In sunset the mountains seem to glow in red, and on the way back perhaps take alook at a very old and small Stavekirke, that is a small church built in way that the first churches in Scandinavia was actually built. Still many of these very early churches from 11-12th century still exists.

While not being in a hurry, a good thinking as speeding tickets are costy, you might aswell have alook at waterfalls that roars right next to the high way. This is located close to Verma..

It is hard to inmagine that this shot is actually taken on a public highway. The roaring waterfall is just a couple of meters from the road! In a hot day a nice way of cooling of in that cold misty water.

A closing shot from the "wrong" side of the vally at the village of Verma.

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