It was kind of funny, as the return trip with a number of photo stops took hours, Pretty slow for a 35 kilometer drive don't you think. But but the scenes was just great for picture taking, so here you are a brace of pictures.

This farmhouse is located by a meadow at the waterfront.
At this scene, is a location of a sort of de luxe version of a camping site. There are a plenty of camping sites, in just about every village run by private. The standard and prices of these do vary a lot.
As the scenery changes to high true mountains the slopes get steeper and farm houses gets scarse.

The mix of light and liht haze from the warm surface water of the ocean gives wonderful effects. Note how the sea water looks much heavier than sweet water in the River Rauma.
An interesting scene with a barn by the water.
These pictures are taken in easrly June. Which means that the leaves are fresh enough tofilter through light and giving the images a filter of lightgreen.

If you come from west, just about here the northern shore changes the scenery, from the rather modest sizd rolling hills to high mountains with snow capped peaks.

At the end of the Romsdalsfjorden at ┼farnes, the parent Moldefjorden forks in to two Romsdalsfjorden and Langfjorden. The village here is quite typical of Norwegian villages with white wooden houses with slate roofs dominating.
On the way back to ┼ndalsnes, we pass this scene with a small but robust boat landing, note the marks of the tide.

At the backroads.

As most of the high ways in Norwy through the most scenic areas are filled with various types of tourist traps, we took off on a small strech of paved narrow country road. But at the end of it there was a trailer filled with skillfully made wooden figures for sale Appearently we were not the only ones here.

In the quest to find a typical rural image of the region, this is pretty close.

A couple of images of the respectable looking mountains that tower up to 1200- 1300 meters high from the sea level.
Note the size of that waterfall, as a comparision the small white rectangel is actually a two story farm house!
At the middle of this picture you will find the port and town of ┼ndalsnes.

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