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Since reintroduced with muskoxens in the early 20th century. They have become symbols of Dovre Mountains and the area has 2 national park and also houses rare plants and wild reinfeer. This oxen stands like sentinel at the permanent display of Dovre Mountain in the railroad station at Oppdal.
Oppdal is located on the northern part of the Dovre Mountains with a population of around 6 500.

Most of Oppdal's area is mountainous, with large areas above the treeline. Storskrymten at nearly 2,000 m (6,600 ft) is the highest mountain in the county. In the valleys around creeks and the river, there are some spruce and pine woods; closer to the treeline, birches dominate. There are several lakes in the municipality, the most famous being Gjevilvatnet, a particularly scenic lake with hiking and cross-country skiing trails around.

Oppdal is an alpine community with roots back to the Norwegian Iron Age. Its location seems predicated on its being at a crossroads for traffic from Trondheim, the Dovrefjell mountain range, and the west coast. This is reflected in the three rays in the coat-of-arms.

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