Old farm at Sel in the northern Gudbrandsdalen

Over the years I have lived in Dalecarlia, a pictoresque Swedish county right to the border of Norway. Since 1996 I have at least twice a year taken a trip around an area from Hamar in south to Trondheim in north. Gradually as my camera equipment has been updated with new and better cameras I have been able to take far more images from the trips. Thanks to the digital cameras, there is no problem to shoot about 300 images a day without getting bankrupt.

Panoramic view of Trollveggen, this image is consisting of 4 images tied together in Photoshop

Within time I plan to transform this site in to virtual but personal guide of this part of Norway as there is yet a lot to cover like the Fjords in the west, and Jotumheim with the highest mountain peaks in Scandianavia and also somehow connect this with a virtual map with alternative routes, must see places to visit and whatever might fit in this page.

Panoramic view of a part of the Gudbrandsdalen near Fåvang, this image is consisting of 4 images tied together in Photoshop

This site is also a crash test for ideas I have for future projects, so don't be to suprised if this site will see some changes in terms of layout. By the way you are free to download images for personal use. But if you wish to use images professionally, please drop me a line on my email.

A panoramic view of Åndalsnes in 15th od September 2005.

By the way, in earlier days I used a Sony Mavica camera and some of those images have found its way to this web site, the last use on images on this site was on the "Friisvägen" and as you can see the camera did have its limitations with fading lights. Nevertheless I decided to use them here. since December 2004, I use only Canon EOS 300 D and added a EOS 400 D on photography, this camera allows me to take not only photos in fading light but if so needed, night shots with a tripod with great quality.

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