Over the Friisvägen in fall 2004.

One bleak day in October 2004, I took a day trip over Gudbrantsdalen over the Friisvägen to Atna and back home by Elverum. The night befroe the mountain peaks received its first snow and it looked beaturyful, just like cakes with a light sugar topping. First I had a stop at Juljussa near Elverum and then a drive on the Vestside vegen to get a bit of rural Gudbrantsdalen and avoisd most of the turist traps. This choise is great also for photographs, as the afternoon sun will light up the opposide side of the valley. At Ringebu, I crossed the river to enter the town. The reason is that her is where the fun begins, the Friisvägen over to Atna.

The road beginns at Ringebu with a serpentine road that climbs uphill untill the the scenery chnages from rolling farm lnds to pine forrest and finally to rather barren country. Here is a wild varriety of colorfrom the grass to the bushes. this time of year there is even more color as the nature adapts itself to coming hard winter. The road travels some 40 kilometers in high altitude in most parts isolated, but here and then you find settlements and hotels and some tourist traps. First time in year 200 these vast mountain areas where crowded with people and cars. I had arrived here in middle of hunting season of wild reindeer.

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