Right before the final climb to the summit of the Dovre moutains is Dombas. Located some 210 kilometers south of Trondheim. It is very much of cross roads. Here the E6 deverges in to the another European high way, E 136 over the picturesque Romsdalen to Åndalsnes and Ålesund. Also the on the railroad it is an important sop for the main line, the Rauma line branches off to Åndalsnes. Dombås itself is dominated by the shopping center that has grown up along the square next to the E6 and it is hard to miss. It is the main center for the community service for the entire northern part of Gudbrantdalen and is a very active winter sport resort.

The area houses many hotels and other types of lodging. The most renown is the Dombås hotel which opened its doors for public in 1917. It also serves as a start to the rip sto the mountains of Dovrefjell, with Mount Snöhetta, Pilegrimsleden and Vårvägen The Spring Road) as some of the attractions.

During the WW. II during the German invasion of Norway, German paratroopers were defeated by the Norwegian troops which was the first defeat in the World War II for the German troops. Also the first americans in same war were killed in action here. For the fallen americans, few monuments have been raised in a memorial park.

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