Åndalsnes is located on the north western corner of the Romsdal where the Rauma river reaches the sea. From the sea the town of 3000 citizens are framed and dominated by the mountain Romsdalshornet, but there are severla other high mountains in the area as Trolltindene, Vengetindene. These mountains reaches up to 1800 meter from the sea level.

Åndalsnes got its name from the farms of Åndal and Nes which was combined first to Aandalsnes. Åndalsnes go a road connection in 1860.s and 20 years later become a tourist attraction when tourists came to the town by sea. Yet to day cruise ships makes 30 stops at the town annually.

The town become even more important for the area as a focal point of commerce and services when the the national railroad finished the Rauma-line from Dombås, which terminates here. During the summer NSB and the Norwegian Railway Club arranges round trips with trains halfway the line, some seasons with periodic trains with steam engines.

In the area is also the Mountain Romsdalshornet and the really awesome Trollveggen which is the highest vertical mountain wall in Europe. The impressive mountain wall is 1800 meters high. Though I have visited the area allmost annually it is still breath taking. and the E136 from Dombås. In later visits I have also taken the Highway 64 towards Molde to the ferry slip and that route is also most entertaing as it hugs the shores of the fjord with the high mountains in the opposite shore. But the real gem is the E136 further to Ålesund. You will find the link below on this page.

If you come from west, just about here the northern shore changes the scenery, from the rather modest sized rolling hills to high mountains with snow capped peaks.

At the end of the Romsdalsfjorden at Åfarnes, the parent Moldefjorden forks in to two Romsdalsfjorden and Langfjorden. The village here is quite typical of Norwegian villages with white wooden houses with slate roofs dominating.
On the way back to Åndalsnes, we pass this scene with a small but robust boat landing, note the marks of the tide.
In all the town is surrounded by very beautiful scenery and wort while driving to any directons from it.

(Along the coast to Ålesund) (Trollstigen) (From Dovre to the fjords)
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