Music Projects - My story so far.

I come from a family where singing has allways been a great interest aside from sports. My dad was singing in Turku City theathre and my m mum has allways been an avid singer , specially with her sisters creating harmonies and singing in harmonies. So music has allways been a part of my life from the very beginning. Still none of us can read music. When I was pre school age my relatives wanted me to sing a lot and mainly songs that was popular among them. mainly popular finnish chart busters of that time. At school I was allways picked as a first choise to the choirs and stuff, even sent off to competitions. Back then I was i guess pretty nervous and having a last name starting with an A, it was sometimes hard to scan the others before it was my turn. This period ended when I moved to Sweden, along the progress of learning Swedish, I guess I lost my contact to tradional Finnish songs and the singing.

My interst in music started I guess at on two occations back in 1970. The first was when my family received the first stereo sustem. The second when my dad thought we needed a little more LP.s to match the pride of the stereo set. I guess, he was not that keen in them , neither my mum but was. They were The Beatles' "Help" album, which was in mono and Otis Reddings "Live in Europe". Not too long after it I became a Beatles nut, the very same year as the band broke up. So eventually I got by accident, well sort of, their book where they told their history to Hunter Davies. This book I still consider as "The class book" in world of Rock bands. I also got my first guitar, a gold flaked Framus Hollywood, which was and still is totally unplayable.

The collection of albums was added with a few new Beatles albums, from there to Wings and one day I saw on TV a show where Marc Bolan was staring and he played a few songs with a little more up tempo and I was hooked, later I started to dig other glam rock bands like Slade, Sweet and Kiss. The first band Slade had a bass player, Jim Lea whose powerful mostly distorted bass lines made me want to play bass.

At junior high, I got in to bands, playing bass. The first one was a four piece band if I am not wrong was called The Strutters which eventually became a trio doing a few own songs (none very good....) and lots of covers. We did a few gigs before the band died, as we settled to plays tuff none of us liked ... The second I was only afew months which was rather exiting one in the start a metal band which sang the stuff in Swedish, but eventually the band was geading in a direction towards fusion which was not what I wanted and frankly over my abilities. We did one gig and there were a few photos of which I would love to have copies.

During this time I like many guys at my age begun to get involved in to discos after Saturday night Fever. I saw theflick twice, but had a buddy who saw it some 40 times, in some six months. Naturally girls where the main reason but I found many of songs being cool and different from rock scenes. Eventually in late 1980.s I was a fulltime DJ on the cruise ferries for three years. IUt was sort of funny as got me back to my rock roots, and by then I was listening alot on Van Halen, Scorpions, Ted Nugent, Dio era Rainbow and Judas Priest. But it is still cool once while listen to funk, soul or R&B....

I did play in a funk band for a wahile before getting bored of changing line ups and no gigs. For a while played and practiced alone at home but that became boring whn Van Halen relased their new album and slowly I began to browse for a guitar and in many years I did not touch my basses. Though most of the time I sill pick up a guitar before a bass. After a few lemons, I could afford a great guitar in 1985 which was a Eddie Van Halen styled Strat with a trem and a single humbucker. The following year i turned in to Ibanes RG line guitars with then brand new RG550. I still mostly play on that RG, aswell with a RG 330 purchased in 2005.

Not soon after moving from Stockholm to Orsa, Dalecarlia, I Istarted to work other aspects of music. Combining with the interest of photography and lay outs. I designed ran a local few bands web pages and worked with the graphic designs to these, based on my own photography. And I still do it, though mainly doing photo jobs. In early 2000 I purchased I 16 channle porta which I recorded a few song mmainly with guitars as main instruments. Perhaps in the future when all bugs are fixed I continue this or by aid computer programs as this as much fun as painting. though this time I paint with colors. But then again it is fun to enjoy the talents of others and listen what they do, and shoot it with my camera.