Mora IK in Elitserien 2004/2005

Håkan Bogg

Pavel Skrbek

Marko Kauppinen

Elitserien during 2004.

The previous season turned to be a late success and there were not many, especially in media who believed the train of success would keep on rolling through the first fall of MIK in Elitserien. In the first match, the first historical goal in this league shot by #77, Martin Jansson, which was enough to win the first point for the team in the league. At this first macth, it would be crystal clear, that MIK was not to be like Väsby, scoring only 3 points on the major league. MIK would be fighting and there would not be any easy scores in home ice for any visiting teams.

Any team who underestimated Mik would bitterly learn, though being the new boys in the class, they would be standing tall untill the fat lady sings.

Magnus Sandberg, lagets kapten

Now was the time, when guys called Mackan, Simme, Vesslan, Samppa, Bengan and others would be regonized by people outside town limits and for the readers of the local press. They would be the vital backbone of a new team, enforced from countries around the hockey map....

... First to add more muscle to the backbone, were two hard working forwards and and a great defender, followed by three guys from Finland, a brilliant goalie, an exellent and versatile defender and a rocket fast forward. A giant of a defender from Chech Republic via Luleå gave the defence more stability. The team succeeded to sign a pair of hard working canadians Shawn Horcoff and Daniel Cleary who became very fast favorites of the fans, but there was more yet to come...

Andreas Lilja

The NHL-lockout resulted in that there were a plenty of class players available to the major leagues of Europe. The first added to the team Andreas Lilja was a bit unexpected but welcoming, he became the first MIK player to play in the Swedish national team since the days of Hasse Hansson. A hard working giant defender with smile on his face on and outside the rink. Just few days before the beginning of the season two Slovakian players, a center and a forward, who turned be real inforcement to the team. Ratislav Pablikovski and Marcel Hossa opened the doors for two NHL-stars, Marcels famous brother Marian and after Christmass Latislav Nagy. Do I have to add the fall of 2004 became in to an unforgetable hockey festival in Mora.

Marian Hossa

Kung Frillan I regererar

Marcel Hossa

Adam Andersson

Magnus Sandberg tekar...

Marcus Ericsson
In Mora different forces united in the effort to make sure dream of Elitserien would come through. Voluntering fans started to dismantle the old and wornout arena and soon in only 80 labor days, the arena was completed rebuilt confining to the Elitserien requirements. The rebuilt arena with its warm and welcoming colors offered the now curious fans who soon found it as their second home. This fact is true, the games are often sold out.

Tero Leinonen

I still recall the first game against Färjestad, in a new arena, partly new roster of players and mostly all new faces in audience, where the level of the entertainment has developed even further by the new means by the Jumbotrone.

Welcome to the FM MATTSON ARENA, and let´s start the game!

Lite allmänt om innehållet.

Shawn Horcroff

Images in this CD rom includes unmodified raw copies from various games during the fall 2004 and winter 2005. The images are in other words straight from the camera. To the left you will find links to the matches against all the opponents. In some cases the there are images from two games on same page while on others I have separated them. The images are shown as modified thumbnails, and as you click the image will show. By clicking the image, you will return to back to the thumbnails.

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Daniel Cleary

Martin Jansson, scored Mora IK.s first goal in Elitserien