Mora Swap Meet 2005.

Mora, Sweden

A classic front for a classic car, a paintakingly nice 2 door Bel Air from '57
It is amaizing how mean this mild race looking car looks in black.

A rear end view is as spotless as front end.

A couple of views of a stock Ford tudor from 1933. Not as common as the 1932 or the 1934 vintage.

Jap copies of Harleys in custom loks just as awesome as the Milwaukee metal.

while we are at it, this 1935 model Ford is looking a new home.... . is this car, with of mix of different styles.

Fords from early sixties are not as popular in Sweden as GM.s offerings, but this convertible is just nice. No, the guy seen here is not an ownner but would be?

At the parking to the event is allways filled with different cars. This M-B coupe is one of the last hand made cars from Mercedes, cost a whole lot more than its four door cousins, those wheels on this car? You make the comment!.

The four door version of the car, but some 15-17 yers earlier. These were the first all new Mercedes Benz since the WW II. But soon the round designed body gave away for a more sleeker model.

Another object looking for a new home, perhaps this bike in need of caring and attention brings some nostalgic falsh backs to someone.

More Nostalgia, How about a hot summer day, Bumbing along on a dirt road on the way to the beach with dripping ice cream in your hand. How much you tryed to lick off the running melting ice cream from the cone, you ended up with sticky fingers and an angry mom!

Ford Anglias from the sixties sported an interesting variation of sloping rear end window.

After WW II, these was the sportiest car you could get without a lead heavy bank account. A MG A still turns head with a sound that draws attention.

Another head turner is very much on the other end the scale. A spotless and shiny '57? Olds

You remember the MB 190 seen few images up on this page? With more cash you get a bit more trim you could upgrade the standard car in to 220 S.

During the fifties and sixties the success Volkswagen had with its beatle led in to other projects with air cooled boxer rear engines. One of the handsome ones are the deluxe sporty cars by Renault called Caravelle. The plain vanilla cars looked less sleek but were havoc on racing tracks and rallyes with R4.s and more laid back a bit larger cars, but lamer R8.s..

So innocent lookin' in white, a 1960 model of Chevy Impala convertible.

A late '50.s and early 60.s Mopars are any way you want, very sexy cars!

Once in my youth, a million years ago I was this close to buy one of these, also in Brittish racing green. One of the coolest thing of these happenings is you allways see something that bring your meories alive. By the way the car is a MGB..

Nice to see restored muscle car like this 67 Camaro RS

A '59 Caddie was found in a public parking lot.....

... so this Buick special of 1958 with a paint with a bit of sun made finish.

Make your house look bigger by parking this outside, or winning ugly... With another new grip on the advertizing, the beetles made it in USA.

Looking like a ice cream of vanilla and chocolate in sun, But It looks just great. A nice Buick!

A pretty recent import from overseas, though most of the midfifties cars are more flashy, these yeoman looking four doors were more common.

Take the 1958 design of GM offerings and shrink it to fit midsized European body size, this is what you get, an Opel Rekord. You can compare the similarities with this nice this very nice '58 Impala.

A flashback to what was common paint treatment in the late seventies to early eighties. Chevy Chevelle convertible..

During the fifties even the more traditional Brittish car makers did get impressed by the styling over seas, note the crome grill and and trim.

Over shadowed by Impalas from early sixties, this competing model from Ford is a nice looking car.

Most the classic Chevies seen today seem to be Bel Airs, it is nice to see a bit of chage with more affordable variation what was offered in 1956.

A T-bird in gold looks so classy parked out ide the Ritz...

.. while this car looks like you will be heading down the coast boulevard in any minute.

If you wonder what was ruling the rallys and in circutes in the midsixties, Morris Mini Coopers were very compact with a wheel at each corner made the tiny cars in to monsters in competitions in many years.

a very car in Sweden a TWR.
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