Classic Car Week 2001.

Rättvik, Sweden

There was a little for anyone, but more to those who like U.S. cars from the midfifties, like this nice Buick convertible
Classic Chevies allmost everyehere... one of the nicest was this '57 Bel Air ragtop, allmost with all options. a very, very nice ride...

There was also some real nize rods, like this postwar phat Phord... Note the molded flares and a moderate chopped top. Inmagine this car with flames painted....

Not all, were enjoying the show, these threesome of beagles weren't exactly excited about the action. They were like, " about some food or hunt down that rabbit?...."

One of the most popular rods in Sweden are the postwar Phords. this car was featured in a Swedish magazine during the late seventies, as the street rods as a term replaced more or less Hot rods. Some 25 years later, this car was still in pristine condition. yes, I had a chat with the owner/builder.

This image shows what the Classic Car Week is all about, cruizing, no matter what U.S. made ride you got...

Black and whites and carowners do not allways mix, but maybe this was a rare occation. I guess no one was speeding and there wan NO burn outs near this car.....

One of the most rare cars on cruising was this Lincoln Zephyr.... They had a slight mishap with a flat tire, or let us say a slight puncture but the parking lots of gas stations are handy to replace a tire...

Talk about rare in Sweden, how about a light yellwo Stude pick up.

1958 was the year when Chevrolet presented their new top of the line model the Impala. Impala of these vintage is perhaps the most handsome, with the '65 model as the runner up. Offered as a coupe or convertible in '58 these cars bumbed down Bel Airs to more common cars.

This 210 Chevy from 56 was one of the favorites from the cruising for me. Why? It has not been "converted" in to a Bel Air as most of the Classic Chevies I haves seen, and besides that, a mild custom job on the car highlights the orginal design.

The first year with a V8 under the hood in a Chevy was in 1955. This fact and the nice lines of the Chevies of 1955 - 1957 vintages, has helped them to become classic. Top of bill in was The Nomad followed by the redesigned Corvette, but a Bel Air convertible could make heads turn too...

To offer a competitor for The Corvette, Ford offered their two seater, the Thunderbird in 1955. Though it was hardly a sports car, it was contrary to 'Vette a huge success. This fact saved the production of the American Sportscar. 46 years later, this very nice car was cruising in a late summer night in the streets of Rättvik.

There were other cars than Chevies or other brands of GM family. One of the most popular cars in Sweden through the fifties was a glass topped Crown Victoria. Much of this is due the moderate summer temperatures in Scandinavia..

Every since I was a kid, I allways had this weakness for Stingrays.... And this rag top hot too...

The model year 1958.s design works perfectly with Caddies too.

A chopped 4 door '55 Chevy turned in to a lowriding custom. It seems that finally this trend has become more popular in Sweden. There were not that plenty of them, but enough to break the "American Grafitti" atmosphere of the cruisings.

There was also cars made before ´55 that look nice. Like this Chevy and Buick of 1953 vintage.

What makes makes black cars look even meaner? Sundown!

The long nights in the garage has finally paid off. This nice Cabover was a nice break from anything you will see on the cruising. It was a showstopper too, witnessed by the lady in the passanger seat with a huge prize.... .
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