25.th Big Lake Run 2004.

Rättvik, Sweden

1960.s... Space race, JFK, Martin Luther King, Pony Cars, GTO.s and growing prosperity. It became more and more common to have a second family car, like this Plymonth estate wagon. I think that these plain vanilla cars is a nice break from the now more common de luxe cars from the fifties and sixties. Most of the common cars on the highways and streets during the sixties looked like this. This car was not actually not on Big lake Run, but shot at Yankee Car Club in Borlänge.
Caddie Fleetwood in white, a nice break from the more black limos. The white color on Limos may be extravigant but does show the beautyful lines of this mid fifties Caddie

This four door Pontiac decked out in flames, proved that a, you can allways use the roof as a table, and a four door car does not to allways look like an old taxi. The folks on board seem to have had a laugh..

Yes, I am still fond of those 'Vettes, bad for me, I saw only two of them.

This '59 Dodge rag top looked just nice in white...

Big size convertibles does have an edge on nights. You can get lots of friends on board and you can use the front of the trunk as a viewing platform.

Back in Borlänge, a sixties Buick compact.

I know, I know that this is not the best pic I have taken BUT A 69 Camaro Indy Pace car is a rare bird, and this was the only view of the car I saw. A very nice car, though..

A street modified Phord finest from the sixites.

A last minute wash up before hitting the street. This innocent looking car turned out to be a gem in discuise. More about it later...

The koolest guys were these two sitting on the deck of the Camaro, They were butt NAKED through out the cold afternoon AND the night. Any ladies out there to challenge this?

Most supricing, the most common cars at the cruise were various mopars from late fifties and early sixites. They were just about everywhere.

Bad to the bone, might be, but a '58 Chevy looks just classic.

The cars from the late fifties and early sixties dominated the parking lots like this Buick.

Some of the cars from the late and early sixites does have a look of been taken off from a science fiction movie. Darth Vader on wheels?

A suprice an Nash Metropolitan, one of the very few US-made compacts in the fifties. I speaked with the owner, and I think he said the car is a '58 model.

The futuristic design of the fifties on the outside carried on over to the dashboard aswell. Sitting behind the wheel, not a bad place to be during a hot summer night...

1960 was a turning point, for the first time in years the size of wings and crome declined, during this year just a bit. But the Impala got a new frame.

This is nice, very nice. A '72 Pontiac Firebird a bit lovered and with modern billet wheels. There was just a few of muscle/pony cars from the seventies out there.

Gas station scenes give a nice opportunity to take pictures and the gas stations were kept busy.

More gas station scenes, this Mopar convertible in white looked like a princess.

A favorite of mine during Classic Car Week 2001 and still a scene stealer.

This '53 Buick was one of the favorite of mine that night. With a tasteful paint of purple and silver metallic, a real heart breaker. This car is ownwd by a member of Yankee Car Club. Borlänge. .

Another look, note how the tasteful color scheme and layout goes perfectly with the lines of this very handsome car.

A '60 modell Caddie HT looked rather mean in gray, the tailfin sported a pin-up girl graphics that caught my eye.

The first of the few rods I encontered with was this very low '23 T-Ford. I rapped with the owner, a young guy who owned his first rod, A Volvo Duett based T-Ford at tender age of 14....

Current trends?. Well, perhaps lowering the restored car and add new current in vougue type of wheels. Yes! I like the effect on this 1959 Pontiac.

As I am sucker for pony cars too, I could not resist this 69 Camaro convertible.

Ford Edsel, a car everybody disliked the looks when the cars hit the show rooms. But time has changed and now a days people seem to have learned to appreciate the unique design.

Another look at this nicely restored 4 door HT.

There was supricingly few GM-cars at the venue, one of the few was this mid fifties Pontiac.

There were a few bikes at the cruise, but here a Drag Star and HD proves that both the original and Japanese made "copies" can co-exist side by side in harmony.

Mid fifties Olds HT enjoying the late afternoon sun. Actully it was a pretty cold.

If the Nash seen earlier was not compact enough, OK how about this Moped car of unknown orgin. Look how the VW Golf next to it looks like a giant.

Another example of original looking car with modern wheels, a Lincoln HT. It works, folks!

"..you got to shoot us, man. YOU GOT TO SHOOT US!! Before we will score all those babes.. 'Cause we look soooo good!!!..."

One of the largest cars was this New Yorker. I think it is the first I seen that was not in black. And what a difference it makes, you can actually see the car.
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