2009-01-26. Another Monday

After being sick for two and half weeks it was a bit unreal to go back to work. My eye sight is in a mess- I need pretty strong glasses to be able to see anything else some blurry figures moving around. Fortunally they make me see well enough so I can drive safely to and back from work. But still I get tired easily and more often than I want to. We have received a shit load of snow, some I guess half a meter and it looks pretty, like a Christmas card setting. Perhaps if the condiyions are right I cruise off with the car to shoot a few photos from the wonder, as in a few weeks, I hoipe, winter this time willbe a memory. Though March is a mud season, ther fift season as it was named in a magazine. With its increased day light and warmer temperature it sure beats winter.

It will be interesting how Barack Obama at helm will be able to turn the stream off the on coming depression away and get's us to the safer waters. I am not making a joke on him as if I was an american citizen, I would without any doubt voted for him. But it is kind of corny that the future of the world we see it is in hands of one single man. WE other nations do have our own leadres and goverments, but we seem to be helplessly depending on this one person in a country far away. Does that sound like democracy to you? and how in hell did we let that thing happen again. Here in Europe we have tried that before with Hitler, Stalin and all rgose names thar have darkened our hustory. Did not to end work out that well then either... Now I am not comparing the president Obama with those monsters, though I think the former president should be put on trial for war crime. But having a system where everyone are depending of ONE person is a road yet for another failure.

I guess the big time Wall Streat way of thinking of the world has received a severe blow, money money and more money. Somehow all that money needs to be prodiced ans as we here in west are spending money which we didn't have, it was just a matter of time when it was to come down and it did. we had a crises 10 or so years ago. But soon the lessons learned was once again forgotten. It was not a supricem we were living for the day, not for the future.

After all it is a scary thought that the well being off all us have been like a bet at the bookers. Well the price of wheat increase with 10 per cent untill May, what is the price tag on gallong on gasoline at the endo the year. Will this company make a profit this year? Will there be a peace in Kashmir in 2009 and how would a conflict affect the price on fuel in the future. The stajes are high, not just your economy, your kids future are on stake. But thousends of jobs, future of towns and cutues depending on one huge plants abilities of giving jobs and tax income. Sick, huh? You bet! While at it, the suits in corporate board rooms benefit themselves with huge raises on their huge incoms and take off for a game of golf somewhere. If it happens to be raining that day, book the companies private jet to sunny coast so these dudes can have their game.

Some swedish politician said once before an election that whatever is good for the companies is good for the country. But that is not entirely correct as it whatever is good for the vompany is good for their share holders. Looking at the result where some 10 million people in China has lost their jobs this winter, and some 2.5 million americans has done it too. It ie rather evident that my modification of that statement is ringing more true. Does that piss you off? It does piss me off...

what are the alternatives now as the market economy gas has a severe blow? Communism? Don't think so, as it lacks momentum, a feodal system where the big corporation is the center and provides everything from the craddle to grave? Don't think so as what happens where that company shuts down and once again streamline itself and everything you know is flushed down the drain. Perhaps we need to restart everything as the big corporation thinking has become like dinosaurs, to slow to make a progress, too bulky to move on..... Once again the history repeats utself, nothing we have created lasts forever... So I don't have an answer, not a clue.... But I know, whatever system we may have or call it, it is based on one thing only, greed.... greed for money or greed for power.

Untill next time!

2009-01-15. Well...?

Guess who is freezing? It is cold again down to minus 13 and I got a sore throat. No folks, I haven't been doing Karaoke after a pint or two of malt whiskey and try to reproduce the unique voice of Rod Stewart. It seems like I am on a some kind of ride between some illnesses. and I guess I will be excpecting fever again, had it a week ago....

I was out a bit and took a few photos of sun down over the river with a few farms on the foreground, the river and a few bluffs, will look good I hope. But still I am suffering from dizziness and head ache, and getting pretty bored with it. I even skipped the hockey yesterday.. Well Mora did win anyway!

By the way I went to emergency last Tuesday and as I expected my diabetes was off the scale out of controll and I had to sta the night there. Obviously some dane tourists have had a vision that seeing pros doing downhill on Eurosport that they were to do the same stunt. Ambulances where coming and going. I looked a lot like action on a TV-shows for real. I was cool, and I was transfered to the medics over the night pretty fast and they poured half a pharmacy in me or gave me insuline shots every now and then. I shared a room with an elderly fellow who was recovering from stroke. Along him was his wife who stayed the night and day at the hospital nursing and helping him out. If anything that was a act of love and affection, so rare these days. Despite his bad luck, he seemed to recover pretty fast and should be lucky enough to have a companion in his life like that. Remember, I had to stay one night, he had a least 4 or 5 weeks to go.... That sets prespectives in life doesn't it? No matter the junk we buy with all these credit cards, they can not offer us the comfort in life we really need and unfortually forget, love and affection.... In all it ao so damn easy to forget the good in life, and ride on hardships.

The staff was very nice, unlike the hospitals I stayed in Stockholm after recovering from knee operations. Here once again I did feel like I was a sort of a thing that needed to be fixed beföre shipping it away and make place for another broken thing... In all, I was well taken care off and everyone though they did have lot of work were very friendly and personal. But then again it was nice to go home yesterday and sleep it off. I have a hard time to sleep somewhere elese than home....

Untill next time!

2009-01-12. Being sick

I am sick again, I got diabetes and seems that this time of year I get pretty sick from it. This time it started as a a catch of fever after a period of severe cold weather, which is over but after the temperature in my body cam back to normal I feel very dizzy, felt sick and have had a hard time not to get sick after a meal. In other words I am not too happy with this. If i am still feeling sick tomorrow, I cruise down to the emergency and have things checked out. I am usually filled with energy but I am so tired, comnstantly tired or having a head ache. It sucks!

I did put a little effort today as I was tired of being stuck indoors, and got rid of all those Christmas decorations. No i did not dump them in a dumpster, but as usual placed then in the attic. It took all day, though they are plenty, I had to work out slow not to faint or anything. Clearing all this junk away is great though, as now as the holidays are over I can face to spring. Which is after all just some eight or so weeks away. I love springs as it is a time of hope and the and it is great to see the progress of the srping which is hard to miss. Every week there are new sounds from birds (real birds, with wings...) returning from the sunny south greeting us with new sounds, which are eaily forgotten after a long fall and winter. The daylight hours increases too, making afternoons more pleasentful to stay out doors. It is hard to not love this season, well I am not allergic. The reason I am thinking of this aswe are in mid winter the darkest part is past and right now here where I live we have som 30 minutes extra day light compared to Christmas, which is just a few weeks away.

Today it was a windy day, pretty warm for the season, PLUS 7 degrees C!!!, though being sick it felt allmost like spring was allready here. But all that melting snow turned the garden paths in to ice and it is quite slippery. Besides all that I got my car washed in a car wash. I have had my new car for a moth and I ant it look a bit decent for a while. But I don't know if it is the shape of tha car or the automatic washing, it did not quite come out clean. Next time, when I am in better shape, I rather hand wash it...

Untill next time!

2009-01-04. Changes

Changes, right? They do happen and sometimes when you like them sometimes when they are forced upon you. Sometimes for the good, sometimes for the worse. But as the time flies by they does happen. You think you may not change, but the world around you does and all those changes do rub you on, though you may not notice it. For the better or for the worse. Changes can not be stopped, not even after we are dead and gone. If you are a controll freak, this might be sad but true.

You might be like me be a person ho make resolutions at the New Year? I do that and now adays I keep them reachable. The last years was going to gym and I have done that and still do it regulary. This year is make some neccessary changes in my life. Well what it is a secret but will make a huge change in my life, I guess. But I am not certain of it but I hope it brings a little spark in my life which I think have been lost the last few years. But the new year has started and let's hope I will be able to carry it out.

I had a dream the other night that I was at work a few years from now and covered in web. I paniced and woke up. All this make me think of making changes. I love live where I do but I need a new spark in my life. Perhaps it has to do being single but looking a round some of my friends who are still couples, they seem to lost that and might have to come up with changes to get whatever it is back.

Untill next time!